Wyze Floodligh with non-Wyze (non-smart) floodlight

Can you use the Wyze Floodlight/Cam with a non-smart floodlight? I would like to leave the wall switch on and control the light by the app so I can utilize the camera location. I had a floodlight damaged in a storm and need to replace it, but don’t need to replace both.

To clarify, one wall switch controls two floodlights. One flood needs to be replaced, the other does not. I don’t want the lights on all the time, but would like the camera all the time.

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The way I see it is you can either replace the damaged floodlight with a second Wyze Floodlight (giving you a second camera view), or just replace the damaged floodlight with a dumb replacement floodlight that has it’s own PIR motion sensor.

To go beyond that (like syncing the floodlights) would take some extra work and cost.

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