Floodlight without motion detection and camera

Would love to have a matching floodlight that can be controlled by wyze ap and matches the cam floodlight to replace other outside lights. This thing lights up the whole yard.

You could do as I have and use a Wyze switch on existing flood lights. Giving you many of the smart functions without the camera and motion detector.


Stand-alone Wyze Floodlight

Sell the Wyze floodlight without the Cam.

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Agreed I have plenty of V3 cams that I use in conjunction with dumb floodlights. I cant justify the cost of replacing cameras with the same camera with a light attached.

Wasserstein sold by Lowes has beat Wyze to market with their own product a floodlight that mounts your existing Wyze cam.

I get that wyze is trying to be a fun company, I’ve even bought a hand vac and a scale, but I really wish they would stop getting distracted with these random side projects, and focus on why we’re all really here, the cameras…