Floodlight without motion detection and camera

Would love to have a matching floodlight that can be controlled by wyze ap and matches the cam floodlight to replace other outside lights. This thing lights up the whole yard.

You could do as I have and use a Wyze switch on existing flood lights. Giving you many of the smart functions without the camera and motion detector.


Stand-alone Wyze Floodlight

Sell the Wyze floodlight without the Cam.

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Agreed I have plenty of V3 cams that I use in conjunction with dumb floodlights. I cant justify the cost of replacing cameras with the same camera with a light attached.

Wasserstein sold by Lowes has beat Wyze to market with their own product a floodlight that mounts your existing Wyze cam.

I get that wyze is trying to be a fun company, I’ve even bought a hand vac and a scale, but I really wish they would stop getting distracted with these random side projects, and focus on why we’re all really here, the cameras…

Wireless syncing floodlight

Any consideration of an auxiliary flood/spot light that could wirelessly sync up to the Floodlight Pro similar to how the Night Lights sync up to each other. Would really like to add an additional flood light to illuminate another area within the Cam Floodlight Pro’s 180 degree viewing area. I think some of the solar powered floodlights on the market could do the job for the lighting, but they cannot be triggered to sync with the Floodlight Pro. I saw that someone suggested something like this back in 2021, but I guess it didn’t gain any traction. Could the technology that syncs the Night Lights be used to sync floodlights? Thanks for such awesome products!

Want dumb floodlights w/o camera that are controlled by the smart floodlight cams

I just bought 3 x floodlight cam v2. I understand I can get all of them to light up if just one of them is triggered. What’s missing is there are some dark areas not covered that I’d also like to light up without having to spend $84 on another cam v2. Nice if Wyze could offer a dumb floodlight that just gets lit up by the smart ones. The old motion-activated floodlight system that I’m replacing has exactly that feature. Some of the floodlights are motion-activated, others just light up in sync.

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Hello @walter_gillett and welcome to the community.

So, if I am understanding correctly you would like a stand alone floodlight (one without a cam) that would be triggered by the smart one with the cam.

Yes, exactly. I want to light up a dark area in between the coverage of two smart floodlights w/o having to buy yet another smart floodlight. In addition to lower cost, another win for a dumb floodlight in this case is that the dark area is between our house and the neighbor’s. I don’t want to make the neighbor unhappy by putting a camera on the outside wall facing them, would raise privacy concerns.

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R Good wrote above in Mar 2022: [quote=“R.Good, post:2, topic:221627”]
use a Wyze switch on existing flood lights
Now that’s an interesting idea. I’m a software developer and could be up for creating automations, time permitting. If I wired up a Wyze switch to dumb floodlights, is there a way through software to capture the Wyze detections from smart cams and use that to turn the switch on/off? Would need to be a specific unusual event like person detection, because motion events are common (wind, squirrels, passing cars) and it would be bad to have lights constantly going on/off.

I have Floodlights around my house that are way to high for a Wyze Floodlight Camera (any of them) where the camera would never get a great view.

So I put Wyze Switches on all 3 Floodlights. If a person is detected on the Wyze Cameras in the same area as the floodlight, the Switch turns the floodlight on for 5 minutes.

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