Wyze failed me again when i need most

a couple of years ago, i needed to check videos on the camera, only to find not recording at all.

last night the garage door half closed and i need to check video, none working, saying no video available

First of all, your first screen capture shows no CLOUD video available. The rest of your settings screen captures all relate to LOCAL uSD card recording. The two are not related. For uSD card local recordings, while looking at that camera main screen, select “View Playback” at the bottom of the screen and use the time slider to get to the correct time that you want to view.

i just lazy to upload more “evidence”
this time it failed me both local AND cloud
does this convince u?

At what time did the event of interest occur? Your post shows current time and date with no recording. Go to the time of the event in the timeline and see if you have any video or pull the card and open it on a computer.

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Like @WildBill stated, I’d pull the card and check it with a computer. The screeny of the card status shows alot of something in the card.

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it just doesn’t record, it actually stopped record long time ago
i format and it records again

so freaking tired of this

That to me sounds like an SD card issue, not a camera issue. What type, size and maker of SD card is in the camera? I had run of the mill generic cards in some of my cameras and would run into issues like your, but since i upgraded to high endurance cards, which are made to support the high amount of read and write cycles. I would suggest getting an upgraded card(s) and see if that improves your experience. Like stated above, the local storage and cloud storage are two different separate entities and and your cloud issue is not related to the local storage issue,