Issues with Local Recording

Recently traveled and trusted my Wyze cams to help keep an eye on the cats. When we got home we found a few hairballs and are wanting to go back and check in on which cat each one was for health reasons.

As I’m working through videos I notice at least one gap where I have recorded events in the cloud, but my local recording of events didn’t work for many hours. It looks like this is the timeframe with the video I needed to see too…

While positioning all 4 of my cameras last week before leaving, I noticed a few of them had issues upon booting where they’d show “No SD Card Detected” for ~2 minutes after powering on before recognizing the card. I chalked it up to needing time to read the card, but now I’m wondering if it’s an issue with the firmware version I upgraded them all to that day?

Any advice on how to troubleshoot this issue? I have different SD cards in all 4 cameras and have never had issues before (granted one of them is brand new, but not the one I’m having this issue with).