Wyze Employee Spotlight - Gwendolyn Evans (They/Them/Their)

Thank you for your great work @WyzeGwendolyn, you are one of my favorite things about Wyze! With other tech companies, it seems like there’s a disconnect between developers and users. You do a wonderful job humanizing the company, where you can see the people working hard to make new products and support existing products. One of the many reasons I love Wyze!


My pleasure! I’m honored to be one of your favorite things about Wyze! I’m proud to be part of a company that cares so deeply about our customers. :grin:


Congratulations! Thank you for everything you do in the Wyze Communities and Happy Birthday! :balloon::tada::gift::birthday::confetti_ball:


Yeah, Congrats and Happy Birthday! You rock!


Hey Gwen… have to ask about your funky cutaway in the background… is that a Pre Bass or…?


I have two bass guitars. One is a Fender Squire P-bass and the other is a Washburn Taurus. I’m really not very good but I have a snazzy version of Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde that I do!


I scoped that as well, my two favs are always close, just a couple more strings tho :smile:


I’m never in the forums and not on Facebook at all (sorry, oldskul ! :grin:), but even I know who @WyzeGwendolyn is :hugs::+1:
you are the soul of this place, and it’s amazing how personalizing tech changes things for the better.
keep up your excellent work, don’t forget to rest, either, and do tell us about your cats ! :kissing_heart:


Belated “Happy Birthday” to you, although I think you are a bit high-handed in the “Wyze Core Community” forum. No one here is telling you that, but this opinion is held by many, such that they have ended up creating parallel forums to discuss Wyze shortcomings - in terms of product support. Throwing people out of the forum because they mention a competing product is one such aspect of high-handedness, IMHO.
Because you are an outstanding employee and valuable member of the Wyze family, I suppose you could be receptive to all types of feedback in the WCC and indulge with the Director of Customer Services to improve on Customer Service Delivery.

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I’m confused. There’s multiple mods with the same name?

They are just a single individual.

First let me say that nothing I say here is meant to represent or speak for Gwendolyn, but I can provide a good way of thinking of it in general for those unfamiliar with this…a good perspective: courtesy.

Basically that part of the post (They/them/their) is just explaining to us how we can show courtesy when talking about them instead of to them. My sister-in-law’s oldest child prefers the same courtesy,.

Obviously if you are taking TO Gwendolyn then just say Gwendolyn’s name or use the word “you” such as, “Hey Gwendolyn, do you know when we can expect…” Just like you’re probably used to. Or use the call sign @WyzeGwendolyn

If you are talking ABOUT Gwendolyn, then this is helping us to know how we can do so courteously, while respecting their cultural preferences. For example, if I’m going to tell someone that Gwendolyn answered a question and I want to say what was said, I would either use Gwendolyn’s name or I would say something like “Gwendolyn mentioned this in a previous announcement and what they said was…”

Basically instead of using a gender stereotype of he/him/his or she/her/hers, I show courtesy for Gwendolyn’s preferred cultural preferences by using thier name or they/them/their.

I have never seen Gwendolyn freak out on anyone for using other pronouns like "she"or whatever. Everyone can have thier own opinion or beliefs about culture or politics or whatever. Just think of it as an extension of a person’s name or a group of nicknames or a courtesy placeholder for their name if any of that helps.

It’s simply something there to help anyone who cares about courtesy to know what Gwendolyn’s preferences are if we talk about them and how we can respect that.

If someone still really struggles with all that, it’s really simple, just use Gwendolyn’s call sign tag or Gwendolyn’s name. That’s easy to remember and easy to do and using someone’s name should be something everyone is willing to do I would hope.

Gwendolyn has always been a great, helpful, kind person to me, and helps us out a lot. I am more than happy to show courtesy where I can when they’ve let me know how I can do so as they have. I am sure I’ll also slip sometimes and use the wrong words out of habit or thoughtlessness though never intentionally disrespectful.

At least for me, that’s where I suggest people start from: courtesy.

I hope that helps to explain the topic a little. If this is your first time seeing that, you’ll soon see it elsewhere in daily life a lot more. Just think of it as a courtesy notice.


Happy birthday @WyzeGwendolyn !!

Also worth mentioning: your hair is super freaking awesome!!




Congrats! Well done!


Gwendolyn, I really enjoyed reading your employee spotlight. The thing that made me write something here is that you went to IU. I live in columbus Indiana and went to IU yesterday to go shopping and I had a craving for a Mondo burrito at Laughing Planet. I have had all my kids attend IU and one of my kids also moved out to Seattle. Its a real nice area to live and visit but right now its hotter out there than here!!


I to would like to say Happy Birthday & Congrats on the Spotlight I’m one of the Senior Disabled People You have helped & go by the same Title (They/Them/Their) I also have been a Wyze Fan from Almost the start have a Lot of Wonderful Wyze Products I use daily. Sorry to ramble on just wanted to say Your Great & keep up the fantastic Work You are one of the Best.


Greetings from Juneau Alaska!
Thank you Gwen and I thank the Powers-that-Be for enabling this opportunity to communicate that to you! <3 I appreciate all of your efforts in each important role you fill. Your most memorable post for me is the “RTSP” for V3, you had me at hello! Thank you for being that beacon of Hope and Appreciation. Thank you for all your years of service. Its because of Core Team Players like you that make me Love Wyze as a Company that I support and believe in very much.
Russ, Skadi & Freya
Aboard the M/V SEAL


You are the face of Wyze. I always read your post to get all the new information. I like the way you were hired. I’ve always hired young employees who have verbal and writing skills. They can be trained to do everything.
My the way…I like the hair. So cool


Definitely appreciate @WyzeGwendolyn for all they provide us, especially when things aren’t going as expected. Gwendolyn has been helpful to me even when out of frustration I haven’t been as nice in my posts as I could have been and they deserves the recognition.

Edit - I hope I got the desired pronoun correct :grinning:


Happy Birthday Gwen! Have an incredibly interesting year of growth, bounty and adventure!