WYZE Down?

I’ve been getting pop-up notifications of event all day, like usual.

However, everytime I try and connect to app it asks for log in details and follow-ups with “The Internet Connection Appears To Be Offline”

It’s not offline as I’m getting notification of event. My devices are connected to the same network and all working.

I’m reset the device apps, reset my devices including tablets, router, and cameras.

Still getting trigger events but can’t access the app itself.

Whats going on ?

Hello @Wize_User, just wondering are you using an Android phone when this problem is occurring?

Happening on my iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro. All started today. All day since first thing this morning.

Running Cam V1, V2, & Pan.

Never had this problem before and been running since the start.

I also don’t see where Wyze app updated anytime recently.