Wyze Doorbell v2 chime controller not working

have you had any electrical issues not using the chime controller? I saw other post that suggest it can act as a surge protector.

I had no functional issues either way (with or without the controller).
My issues were primarily with the installation instructions.
I do have issues with the Wyze app (different thread),

Ok. thank you for the information. I may take out their controller.

I installed our new Wyze Doorbell v2 today. I walked through the installation the “Add Device” instructions in the Wyze app and specified that we had a two wire chime. After setup was complete with the chime controller installed as directed the chime did not work. I removed the Wyze doorbell camera and chime controller, tested the voltage (21.8V), and confirmed operation with the old Ring doorbell. I re-installed the Wyze doorbell camera and chime and again the chime did not work. At this point I checked the settings of the doorbell camera v2 and clicked “Chime”. The “Doorbell Chime Type” was set to “None”. I changed the type to “Mechanical” and the chime started working. I suspect the app might not be properly configuring this setting during setup. It might be worth checking this setting prior too purchasing a new transformer or removing the controller.

Welcome to the Forum, @drew123, and thanks for sharing your experience!

Is the app prompting the user to select the chime type during setup yet? This wasn’t my experience when I installed the Video Doorbell v2 months ago, and I commented about it in a few topics. I wasn’t prompted to select the home’s existing chime type until well after I’d finished installation (and found and configured the correct setting myself), and the prompt popped up for me in the app several times afterward:

I haven’t had a need to delete the device and re-do setup since then (though I’ve had the Doorbell off the wall a few times while working on a custom mount), so I don’t know if Wyze has updated the installation workflow for that device.

I like this recommendation, especially if the app isn’t prompting the user to choose a chime type during setup. I’m also in favor of testing the voltage at the original doorbell button prior to beginning the new installation just so you know if you’re meeting the specs before you start.

Out of curiosity, what firmware are you using on your new Doorbell? There are several topics here in the Forum that describe problems with notifications following the two most recent firmware updates (the second of which was supposed to fix the issue), so I haven’t updated mine since January.