Wyze Doorbell V2 Causes Doorbell to Endlessly Ring

I have a strange chime doorbell that has wires to the following labeled screws being utilized:

  1. common
  2. transformer
  3. front

Attached to common and transformer is the transformer (16vac 30va). Then the wires headed to the doorbell are attached to common and front (1 and 3). Using a multimeter we find 16-18v between 1 and 2, and 16-18v between 1 and 3.

If I connect the video doorbell directly to 1 and 3 - the doorbell orange light blinks but the doorbell also buzzes intermittently. Also, my doorbell chimes just constantly.

Do we think I just am lucky and have an unsupported doorbell? Is this a user case for the “mechanical” setting within the application? I can’t find any wires touching between contacts to potentially explain the buzzing.

Here’s a photo of my indoor unit for details: