Wyze Doorbell (v1) white light stays on

My wyze doorbell (v1) was working fine for the past 6 months and suddently, no notifications and it was not working anymore. I checked the doorbell and there is only a white light showing on it physically, but no more interaction (couldn’t connect, not alarm, offline, nothing is working) with the wyze app and the white light stays on and bright all time.
I searched internet for an answer, could’nt find any. Tried to remove the doorbell, push the reset buttons, nothing. Pushed it a few seconds more, nothing changed.
Went downstairs, close the electric breaker, doorbell is off, push the breaker on again, same thing: full bright white light on the doorbell but no reaction… even if i push the reset button behind the doorbell.

Anyone had the same problem? Or have a solution for it?

Sorry if my english is not perfect, it’s not my fist language :wink:

Thanks for all you for all your help in advance!

Sounds like it’s dead.

Time for an RMA.

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Yeah. It doesn’t sound hopeful for revival of the doorbell. The power cycle you did and pressing and holding the reset button should have rebooted it into a new setup mode and the LED illumination light shouldn’t be on. If the lower bell press light is what is on, that is telling you something different.

Wyze Video Doorbell Status Lights

If the press and hold reset fails, it is time to contact Customer Support about a Warranty Replacement and RMA.

(206) 339-9646 or (581) 500-1166 (Canada)


Thank you for the helpful information… i have tried to contact the tech support… oh! They did respond me quickly and offered me a reimbursement because, effectively, the doorbell is dead after only 6 months of use…

BUT the thing is, even if i have provided the original bill from amazon from last novembre when the doorbell costed me 59.99$CAD (so that means 68.07$CAD after taxes inclued in Quebec), they just reimbursed 62.07$ with a gift card only avaiable on thier website (wyze) … i said to myself… well, ok, they miss the price by probably 5$CAD, wich is not bad……(said to myself) …

BUT the thing is that on thier canadian website, a new doorbell, same exact model, now cost 79.99$ + taxes ($$) + shipping ($$) = over 100$ CAD, wich i wayyy more that what i have paid in november last year for a doorbell that only lasted… 6 months.

I have tried to explain this to them, but they don’t seem to care….

I have lots of wyze cams and stuff since several years with them, never had any problems with customer support, but now, they are loosing points with me, especially if they dont fully reimburse or exchange a product bought less than 1 year ago that stopped working….

Oh well… i can at least only take what they are willing to give me back, better than having nothing, but -1 for them for thier customer service so far…

Are you talking about this model?

Because I can get it in 1 day for $32.24 USD total ($44 CAD), ordering through the app (on the shopping tab).

The one including the chime is $37.62 USD ($51.38 CAD). That’s $10 CAD less than the credit they gave you, so unless you’re not using their store in the app, you have at least $10 CAD more credit than a replacement will cost.

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Yes, the exact same model, but with the chime inclued… here, the price on thier website in canadian $$ shipping inclued is that:

… how come you can get it for half the price on your side? If you also live in Quebec, tell me how can i have delivered to me at that price??

… or wyze have not the same person working on thier website in Canada….:thinking:

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Turns out, it gets weirder. The doorbell + chime on Amazon.com is 29.98USD (40.76CAD) plus tax right now. Shipping to Quebec from Amazon in the US is pricey though.