WYZE Doorbell Ring Notification Not Opening To Call Screen

There seems to be a bug where if the iOS app isn’t already recently opened in the background, tapping on the “Doorbell Ring” (from lock screen or anywhere else) notification won’t open the call interface with the “answer” and “ignore” button. Instead, it opens the app and takes you to the main page. Then you have to open the doorbell live view. This ends the call experience for the person receiving the notification and also causes the lights to cease cycling on the doorbell so it confuses the person ringing the doorbell to think that pressing the doorbell didn’t work or something. This is a crucial part of the doorbell experience and should be remedied. To me it seems like an app problem and probably has less to do with the Doorbell itself. I have tried the beta version of the iOS app (2.17.21 (4)) as well as the public version (2.17.21) and it’s the same behavior.


EXACT same issue. Running beta version v 2.17.21 and ios 14.4.

Same problem. Latest IOS. Needs to be fixed or returning as defective.

Same issue with notification not displaying at all for the doorbell. Notifications works fine with v2/v3 cams. Perhaps something is not catching up on server to allow this to work accordingly.

Also, how come it doesn’t have Dectection Zone option? When notifications are finally working, even birds will be setting this thing off. Need to be able to select the area we want covered. I looked around and did not see the option as v2/v3 cams do.

Other than that, doorbell works very good. Little frustrating with QR scanning issue initially, but that somehow worked, despite being a server issue. Hoping it only gets better from now on.

Notification came through in Android, but audio from the doorbell to the app is really quiet.

Where is the mic on the doorbell? Is it maybe covered up?

Agree, this is a crucial part of the doorbell experience and should be remedied ASAP. To me it seems like an iOS app problem also, since an Android user posted that it worked on his phone. I am running iOS 14.4.1 - Wyze App 2.18.23 - Doorbell Firmware
I received the following from Terry on 3/9 to do the following:
Update to latest firmware [Did that]
Log Out of App [Did that]
Reboot iPhone [Did that]
Log back in to App [Did that]
Force close App [Did that]
Above sequence did not help a thing! I replied to Terry that it did not help on 3/10 & got NO response! On 3/17 I again replied with a 2nd request - CRICKETS!

Anybody found a solution or workaround on this issue for the iPhone or iPad? It seems Wyze can’t or won’t address this issue - have stopped recommending any Wyze product until they start addressing issues that are reported!!

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Thank you for reporting this. We are looking into it now.


Same. It doesn’t always happen, but it does on occasion

I also find that I can’t exit this screen or the general view when entering from a notification (doorbell press or event notice). I have to force kill the app. If I try an icon it just toggles the controls like any other tap would. Anyone else?

Looks like this is working for me now!