Wyze Doorbell Ring Notification Not Opening to Call Interface on iPhone

There seems to be a bug where if the iOS app isn’t already recently opened in the background, tapping on the banner “Doorbell Ring” notification won’t open the call interface with the “answer” and “ignore” button.
Instead, it opens the app and takes you to the main page. Then you have to open the doorbell live view. This ends the call experience for the person receiving the notification and also causes the lights to cease cycling on the doorbell so it confuses the person ringing the doorbell to think that pressing the doorbell didn’t work.
This is a crucial part of the doorbell experience and should be remedied ASAP. To me it seems like an iOS app problem, since an Android user posted that it worked on his phone. I am running iOS 14.4.1 - Wyze App 2.18.23 - Doorbell Firmware
I received the following from Terry on 3/9 to do the following:
Update to latest firmware [Did that]
Log Out of App [Did that]
Reboot iPhone [Did that]
Log back in to App [Did that]
Force close App [Did that]
Above sequence did not help a thing! I replied to Terry that it did not help on 3/10 & got NO response! On 3/17 I again replied with a 2nd request - CRICKETS!

Anybody found a solution or workaround on this issue for the iPhone or iPad?

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