Different Notification on different iPhones

Installed the Wyze Video Doorbell for my neighbor. She has the iPhone 11 with home button and running iOS 15.6 [latest]. When doorbell is rung, her notification is a Banner on phone.
I have the same doorbell and have the iPhone 13 Pro running the same iOS. When my doorbell is rung, I get a full screen phone call that I just accept and I answer doorbell.
Both phones a set identical on notifications, including full screen phone calls - both phones are running the latest Wyze App and doorbells are up to date on firmware.
I need assistance figuring out why her phone shows the banner notification and my phone shows full screen phone call notification. Any ideas? Would like hers to answer full screen like mine!

I do not use the iOS system but it sounds to me like you need the VOIP setting on for the doorbell. Let me tag some of the @mavens who use iOS that may be able to help you quicker than I can.


I just sent a text message to my son who works at Apple.

I do recall, in the past there was an option under notifications. You would select an app, then select sound and change it there. Now, that option is only a toggle for on or off.

I checked my iPhone Xs to verify this as well.


Just heard back. Apparently, there is no way to change notifications per app unless he App has it built in or it is some of the Apple Apps.

I know it used to be there, guess it was removed at some point.


Thanks - the sound toggle is off in Wyze app on both phones & we get different notifications :disappointed:
Something is causing this other than sound toggle

Thanks - appreciate your assistance. The full screen notification on my phone works great!

As Jason said, sounds like the “full screen notification” is a voip call. Does it look like a phone call but with a blue answer button?

If you want to set this up on another phone you need to check the voip settings on the doorbell. I don’t have a doorbell so idk where it is, but it may be in account > notifications or somewhere in the device settings.

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Account → Notifications → Push Notifications → Voice Over IP

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Thanks - you are correct. Will check her phone tomorrow & make sure this is set correctly.

Thank you - that is my setting & will Cher her phone tomorrow. It works well for me / really appreciate your assistance.

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IEatBeans & SlabSlayer: Thank both of you for information.
Last night I set her phone for VOIP & tested it - when the Blue Answer button is pushed, the full screen shows and the only option is the Red Hang up phone button & microphone is not available. I toggled off her VOIP for now - she is able to answer doorbell via the Banner notification if she sees it.
I tested my doorbell today and it is doing the same thing in app! Last week it was working great using VOIP - today I get the same screen as neighbor [So much for working well]!!!
I’m thinking this is being caused by the connectivity issue with doorbell. Both house are on Google Fiber mesh system with very high speed WiFi with excellent signal strength to doorbells. Have restarted doorbells and it didn’t help!
Wish Wyze would hurry up and get this Connectivity Issue resolved!

Unfortunately, I use Android so trying to troubleshoot the iOS VOIP UI w\ the VDBV1 isn’t going to be helpful.

Tagging the rest of the @Mavens to see if any have the VDBV1 on iOS. Hopefully someone can test it.

Good Luck!