Wyze doorbell pro wired not charging

I removed my original doorbell and installed the new doorbell pro wired as the original but the battery is draining and not charging. Am I supposed to do something different other than just wire the doorbell?

Do you have an AC Voltmeter to check the voltage at the terminals? It’s possible something happened to the AC during installation. It should charge when connected.

I have always found the normal doorbell transformers are of such low output that they barely operate a doorbell and don’t operate any doorbell cameras ( any brand ) correctly. Go to Amazon and get a high output doorbell transformer.

I verified the voltage coming out from the transformer and I’m getting about 19.32 volts, this should be enough to power the doorbell.
I’m currently charging the door bell and I will reinstall tomorrow and see if I can get it to work wired again.

Thanks for the input

Thanks for your input

I use 24v 40VA transformers. You have 19.3 volts, but after voltage drop and load you’re probably getting 1/2 that at the doorbell. Remember as voltage drops, resistance goes up and amperage needed to do the same work increases. The transformer is probably just enough to supply some power.
The transformers that come with most door bells are not vert good quality or output.
I would say with 99.99% confidence a 24v 40VA transformer from Amazon will fix your issue. I’ve seen this with other brand doorbell cams
Rember you’re operating a HD camera, IR lights, Wifi and a battery charger.

I got the the same issues hopefully the lates update will fix it

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Still not charging even though it’s wired and got 24v 40 va Wyze not answering their call I think the unit is defective.

Update: I finally got around to work on the wiring on the doorbell, I did not have to replace my 16v transformer, the problem was that one of the terminals was slightly ruptured causing power not to flow consistently.
As originally reported my 16v transformer actually produced 19.32v and I do not loose almost no voltage to the terminals.
As of today my wyze doorbell pro is wired and charging as intended.

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What did you do to fix this? Because I’m having the same problem.

I think he mention it was a rupture on the cable. I will be testing mine tomorrow to make sure I don’t have intermittent power going to the doorbell.