Wyze Doorbell Pro Firmware Beta Test 7/20/2022

VERSION: 1.0.68


  • Improved connection stability
  • Fixed an AC power supply status bug

Could the “ac power supply status bug” be what the discord user was experiencing @spamoni4

Edit: sorry, always confuse you to carver and spamoni


Yep, looking into this now for that community member.


We’ll take that as a compliment :slight_smile:


Same maven, same profile pic style, and both super helpful :smiley:



Can you give a little more insight on the AC power supply bug? Curious if the below scenario applied to this bug.

We have been working with one of our community members who has setup the Video Doorbell Pro on a wired connection but gets the Charging Icon rather than the Plug Icon. In addition the battery percentage shows on the app and shows the battery depleting in charge percentage indicating that the device is not receiving constant power.

The community member has tried 2 new transformers that are reading 18V at the doorbell and has factory reset the VDBP with each transformer change.
Log ID: 653257

Thank You for any insight.


For precision is not the charging icon but the on battery one without the little lightning symbol. I get the lightning one when charging to USB, But when wired to the transformer is like on battery.

Possibly. You may want to let the individual know in Discord. I am out of pocket for a bit.

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I’ve kept up the convo the community member. No worries. The device has also been issued a replacement, was just assisting this test to see if the scenario fit the bug mentioned in this Firmware update.


Appreciate it. :slight_smile:


does this status bug have anything to do with why my video doorbell registers as hardlined into my router. Its the strangest thing. I know it’s connected via 5GHz but it always shows as connected via ethernet in my router logs…

sorry no I don’t have an ethernet cable running to my front door please try again!

for the record I am hardwired for power though. Didn’t know about this possible battery display bug. Don’t think I am in the front door feed enough to notice though. Going to check it now out of curiosity!


I was looking at my Doorbell Pro to assist someone in Wyze Discord and noticed that my Doorbell Signal to the Chime is no longer full signal. It was until Firmware Version 1.0.68. I used to have 3 bars on both Doorbell abnd Chime.

It connects and does not display any issues, which is why I never looked before. However, I am now curious if the connectivity fix actually reduced the signal to the Doorbell, anyone know?

Log Submitted: 656797

Also here is what my signal looks like as well as my KB/s when Streaming:

I haven’t installed the update yet. I’ll take a screenshot now, just before the update and do so again when it finishes and see if I can confirm the firmware changed the signal strength

No change for me. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to you, but it is not every device at least:

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Thanks. I may disconnect the Chime and then connect it back. But it does work, so not going to lose sleep over it

What router? I use UNIFI and there is a know bug with UNIFI where random devices sometimes show as wired even though they are obv WiFi (my watch for example). Probably just a bug in your router.

yeah I figured. Just weird because I don’t recall it being that way before but I recently changed my entire wifi setup so I had to reconnect all my devices and thats when it switched. I also have a couple other oddities I wonder if you or anyone has come across. For instance my sense hub is connecting both wirelessly and wired when I thought if it was wired the wireless wouldnt engage but my router has both mac addresses present all the time. I also have a device that is showing up on my router that I cant figure out what it is and I have been through my entire wyze account one device at a time many times now and don’t see it in my app. The router gives it the default name “Wyze Labs Inc” and it shows as connecting 5G. I only know of my doorbell I think supporting 5G but the macs dont match (plus I already know its the bugged one showing as hardlined) It’s almost driving me crazy

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oh and I have an Asus GT-AXE11000 with a RT-AX86U, RT-AC86U and a RP-AX56 as nodes

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