Wyze Doorbell Pro does not detect 5Ghz Signal

Just got my new Doorbell Pro but I just cannot get it to detect my 5Ghz signal. It detects and works fine on 2.4 Ghz. What baffles me is that it detects all other 5Ghz signals around except mine ! Please help because I want it to work on 5Ghz to avoid inteference, slow speeds due to the number of other devices I have connected to 2.4 Ghz.

I have done the following-

  • Restarted my router, phone, the doorbell pro and Chime multiple times
  • Removed Mac Filters on the router even though I dont think that is whats causing the issue
  • Tried disabling 802.11ax / WiFi 6 mode on my router in case its a compatibility issue. I have an RT-AX56U router.
  • Checked my SSID to make sure there are no special characters.
  • Checked if the my phone, the doorbell pro, and Chime were in good 5 Ghz signal range during set up.

Per the Wyze Doorbell tech specs 5 Ghz is not supported.

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I have the Wyze Doorbell Video PRO which does support 5Ghz.

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One frequent suggestion is trying distinct names for your 2.4 and 5 Ghz SSIDs. Shouldn’t be necessary but…

As a test, configure a 5ghz guest network and see if it can detect that.

Doh! - missed that, need more coffee. :yawning_face:

I figured it out myself. My 5Ghz was on a DFS channel because I had selected " Auto Select channel including DFS Channels". Some devices do not detect a DFS channel. I deselected it and the doorbell pro picked up the signal immediately.

Problem Solved. I hope this helps others too.


I am sure it will. Thank you!