Wyze doorbell notifications at the end of the motion event

My Wyze door bell only notified me of a motion event once the event is completed, meaning once the person left. How do I get notifications while the event is happening? Meaning as it detects a person. Not once the person leaves.

Because Push Notifications are dependant on so many factors, there will always be some latency from when the Doorbell first picks up the event to when you receive the notification. The length of that latency is affected by:

  • WiFi connectivity quality (signal strength and transfer speed) from the cam to the router.
  • Router load and processing speed.
  • ISP speed, routing, and load.
  • Distance to Wyze AWS Server.
  • Server AI Engine load and time from start of Motion Event to first tagged Person appearance.
  • Return trip distance, network load, and routing to your phone (slower on mobile data).
  • Processor load and speed of your phone.

The latency on my cams varies from 3 to 7 seconds most of the time, but there have been times when I have received the notification 15 to 30 seconds later.

On the user end, about the only things you can do to speed up the process are to insure your WiFi network is rock solid and super fast, limit WiFi overload by limiting active streaming, get the fastest ISP speed available (cable and sattelite are notoriously slow), and keep your phone fast by not allowing tons of background processes or active media streaming.

My issue is that I only get a notification once the event is over and stored in cam plus. Meaning if I have motion in front of the camera for five minutes, I will only get a notification after those five minutes. It seem like I only get event notification not a regular notification. Hour do I set it to get a notification during the event?

If you have the cam set to detect Person, you should be getting a notification immediately (with a bit of latency) after the AI Engine positively identifies the very first person in the upload, regardless of when the Event or upload ends.

If my cams are currently in the process of an active long event upload, I will get the notification within 3 to 7 seconds of the person first entering the view. If I click on that notification, it will not take me to the event but to the Live Stream since the Event is still actively uploading.

If navigate back to the Events tab, it will show “Live” in red on the Person event that is still uploading.

What firmware version are you running on the cams? What App Version?

These are screenshots of my account.
I only have this problem on my Wyze doorbell not on my other Wyze cameras.

Thanks! If I get the opportunity, I will test mine extensively tonight and see if I can reproduce it. I have other cams monitoring the approach, so those usually go off before my doorbell.

Thank you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I finally got the opportunity to test this in comparison with some of my other cams thru two seperate notification event cycles.

As it turns out, my Video Doorbell Cam is uploading full length Person Event videos, however the notification received for those events is not the same as your experience: after the event has concluded.

My VDBv1 uploaded a 40s and 58s Person event in two separate tests. The notification for those two events were received on my phone 25s and 18s later respectively, not at the conclusion of the event or upload.

However, this long latency is very significant in comparison to my other cams. I am wondering if it has something to do with the way the Server AI Engine deals with the special video aspect ratio of the VDBv1.

My other cams returned notifications in this test as follows:

V3: 4s, 6s
Panv3: 3s, 4s, 3s,
V3Pro: 1s, 2s
Floodlight Pro: 4s, 2s
OG T: 8s

Got it, thanks for working on this.
Is there a way to get this info to Wyze so they can work on an update for this issue?

I have had others on the volunteer team test and confirm my findings regarding the significant difference in notification latency for the VDB. Wyze has already been tagged to take a look at it. I am currently awaiting confirmation and response.

Great, thank you so much for your time and effort you are putting into this.

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Please keep me posted.

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