Wyze doorbell eating Cell data

I installed my doorbell mid March. About the 2nd of April I got a notice that I had gone over 2G of data and would lose my discount for the month - it’s been years since I went over 2G of data on my cell. Looking at usage the Wyze doorbell used over 900mbs of data inn under 2 weeks. This is ridiculous. I upgraded to the Cam Plus option and Highlighted the areas I wanted to monitor for action.

My door faces due south and I have a lot of trees. It appears when the wind blows it casts shadows in the area that is monitored and sends pictures of nothing to my phone. Totally unneeded. I am not going to pay and extra $10/m for data usage due to wind blowing trees. Am I setting something wrong?

Little of that makes any sense.

  1. I assume you mean 2 GB of mobile cellular data used by your phone.

  2. Wyze sends notifications and thumbnails but not full video clips. Those are stored on their server (or your camera SD card) and played back only on demand.

Unless you are monitoring the feed all the time I can’t see why you’d be using up cellular data.

You didn’t somehow configure the doorbell to use a mobile hotspot or other device using your cell data did you?

No, I was out of town and my phone kept alerting me to motion at my door. It sent video clips of what amounted to shadows moving on the porch.

So did you choose to watch every one of them? That’s the only way the numbers make sense.

Sure, I was curious. Learned my lesson.

Okay. Next time I guess you just need to find some public WiFi before playing them. :frowning: