Wyze doorbell (March 30 2022) - unusable/slow connection & streaming

A blinking yellow light indicates the camera has no WiFi connection.
And, considering the apparent firmware bug, your WiFi may not even be at play here.

Also, I will request Wyze to either remove or offer a setting for the color codes at the front.
It is a “security” issue. In your case, the bright yellow blinking is actually yelling outside that you have no internet connection and that the camera is not functioning. Not much of a deterant.

Fellow doorbell users,

When you get the connection issues, just be patient. Get out of the app and wait. Sometimes 10 to 15 minutes. Then go back to the app and retry accessing the camera. It works almost all the time for me. No need to power-cycle it (except if you end-up with the yellow blinking status).

Also, I discovered this morning that even if the app can’t connect, the camera was working. I waved in front of it. Few seconds later, even though the app was stuck at “Step 3”, I received a notification. And on top of that, the video was there too.

Therefore, it seems that in many cases, the camera is actually working and properly connected to the network.

It still makes me think the issue may be more related to their back-end infrastructure rather than the device itself (or a mix of both).

Anyhow, considering the amount of people having this issue and the short timeframe since its appearance - and considering they have the firmware code, this is not something that should take long to spot.

I hope they are actively working on this, otherwise, the device reputation is going down the drain. The internet does not forget…

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Makes sense. Though even while blinking yellow , it does capture images and video I believe. But I hear you with the fact its not much of a deterrent if its flashing all day lol. I do have a security system and other cameras but yes its a concern… I’m exchanging the camera this week for another so we’ll see how that goes. I did speak to customer support yesterday but it was the usual troubleshooting that I’ve done on my own several times. They did give me a $10 giftcard since I’m doing the exchange at the store rather through them. lol . Luckily I purchased a 2 year warranty plan.

For myself, the purpose of a doorbell cam is to see who is at my front door when I start the app. Waiting 10 to 15 minutes for video makes this device useless. They have been working on this problem for a while now, long before this latest firmware that was supposed to fix this problem


This is a very good point,
Same as me. And last week, it did happen to me. Someone rang the doorbell and I was unable to get the video feed.


Fix it Friday is open for bug reporting. Click thru and share your issues directly with wyze staff.

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Thanks, I posted the issue of the doorbell cam, go ahead and vote

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Please solve the “Connecting… Step 3 of 3: getting video data” on the original doorbell!
If you cannot in a timely manner get video of who is at the front door, what good is this device?
It will allow you to set (synch) the time, it seems to record movement, but unless I use the soft restart in the app or power it off/on, sometimes I cannot get the video feed. The restart takes about 30 seconds.
which sometimes is quicker than waiting for it to eventually connect (which a lot of times it never does till I issue a restart or power off/on).

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When the issue is happening motion is not recorded, Only if the doorbell is pressed it records… This is really bad, better off just putting the old doorbell button back

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My screen pretty much allday. Meanwhile 4 other cameras are working. :rage:

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Pretty strange. Working fine here today. Lightning fast connection - no time to read the steps.

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Same for me yesterday. Now this morning back to delay at step 3 of 3, but then does connect after about 10-20 seconds, and in HD. Much better than previously when it wouldn’t connect at all and just time out. Speed is jumping back and forth between ~190KB/s and ~90KB/s, but stays in HD.

So an update to this. So I was expecting to come home to a blinking yellow light or at least the image capture when I pulled into the driveway but I didnt see anything happen. As I walked up to the doorbell, it was completely off, as in no power. I check my circuit breaker and nothing was tripped. Out of frustration I went to the doorbell and disconnected one of the wires and attached it again and it powered up for a few hours and now it’s back again with the offline message. WTH is going on. Are you guys using the wiring direct to the doorbell or are you using the supplied wiring to splice into your existing wiring. Im going to try and go direct from the my existing wiring to the bell and not use whats in the box. I really dont know what else to try. I exchanged my doorbell that had .060 loaded on it , to this one that has an old build .267 and this one kind of seems worse.

A variation in the bitstream rate is totally normal with the type of video encoding used these days.
Getting stuck at “Step 3” is not :wink:.

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I think I’ve noticed a pattern in when my doorbell will authenticate or not. Probably the same as others who’ve said that they wave their hand in front of it.

Sometimes my doorbell connects, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve found that the times it connects there is some motion in view. It can be in or out of my defined detection area, and can be something other than what I’ve set to be alerted on. It has been little things sometime such as someone walking by on the sidewalk, an animal in the yard like a bird, the wind blowing the tree or even heavy rain.

It seems like the authentication or communication routine is asleep until woken up by motion.

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This problem was picked up on the latest iteration of Fix it Friday for action by Wyze. They are requesting logs. Suggest all affected follow the link to the Wyze post and supply the requested info in reply.

Log submitted 576464

Log 582913
Doorbell not video 3/3
May 19 9:32am EDT

Log 582939**
Doorbell no video stuck 3/3, waved hand in front it connected
May 19 10:02am EDT

Sure wish we could see some action taken on this issue. Maybe even just an action plan?

Still broken since the update. Can’t we just revert back the changes given how many folks have this issue?

Log # 584598