Wyze door bell rings on motion

I just installed Wyze door bell and it rings the bell every time it detects motion. Is this expected? I want it to ring when bell is pressed, but get motion events on the phone.

Check if your settings are correct in the live view > settings cog :gear: > …

Your doorbell should not be triggering a ring action with motion detection. There is no setting within the UI to select this.

How do you have the doorbell wired? Are you using the provided plugin Remote Wyze Chime or are you using the existing doorbell chime?

If you are using the existing doorbell chime, please verify that you have it wired appropriately at the transformer.

I would suspect that when the cam activates it is causing a slight change in current and activating the ringer.

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I’m using the wyze chime. I bypassed the existing chime based on the installation instructions

Interesting. So the Wyze Chime is activating on every motion event, Have not seen that behavior yet. This is a first for me. What Firmware version is the doorbell running?

My first inkling would be to delete the chime from within the doorbell accessories menu and then repair it.

If it continues, I would say that there is a problem with the hardware.

Have you contacted Customer Support and submitted a Support Ticket?

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Thanks for the contact info. They asked me to try a factory reset, so will try that and see if it fixes the issue

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