Wyze devices and new Xfinity Modem/WiFi Router

I just upgraded to the latest Xfinity Modem and WiFi router and am having issues updating the firmware on my Wyze bulbs. They are all connected and I can control them via the app and via rules but continually get “updated failed” when trying to update the firmware. I think it has something to do with the merged 2.4 and 5.0 ghz network, although my old router did the same.

I’m unclear why they would be connected to the network and controllable via the app, but fail every time when updating the firmware?

Mine work fine, but I added them with the new one. Try taking them off and add them in fresh. Also, check your firewall settings.

I tried removing one bulb and adding it back. I can still control it fine, but the firmware update still fails. My firewall setting on the modem is set to “minimal”. My modem / router is this one:

I didn’t read very well. I have that router, but I do not have bulbs. My cameras behave fine with it, however.

Are you able to temporarily disable the 5G network. Possibly the 2.4g has a problem on its own, or you can create a guest network for the Wyze and other IoT components as you scale out.