Wyze Bulb 2019 -- 3 out of 4 now can't connect to the internet

I have a strange issue. Back in 12/2022 I connected my 4 bulbs and was prompted to update their firmware, which I did for 3 of them and they immediately lost connection to the internet and I could not ever connect them back through my Zyxel modem/router.

Strangely enough: if I set an “Internet Sharing” on my iMac and use the same SSID and password, then I can go through the “on-off 3 times, bulb flashing” and get them online (that’s how I was able to check they are in the latest version).

But I cannot make them connect through the Zyxel router, All my Wyze cams, plugs and the 4th bulb (still on the old firmware) work flawlessly.

What gives? I have reset the modem/router, reset the DHCP saved addresses, tried different SSID names and passwords. The latest firmware is crap and have bricked my bulbs.

Now the wyze app refuses to work with the 4th bulb on the old firmware, saying it is REQUIRED to update the firmware.

I am disappointed with the lack of firmware quality control of this company and with the FORCED FIRMWARE UPDATES, which risk bricking working devices.

And of course, upon updating the firmware (as forced by Wyze), the bulb stopped connecting. :frowning: