Wyze Bulb Doesn't work after Firmware Update

Well, just got a notification that there’s a firmware update for my Wyze Bulb. LIKE A FOOL, I said, “Ok, let’s update”. Well,now, the bulb doesn’t work – because… “Can’t connect with bulb-Try Again” 3 tries. Nothing. Wyze products and “firmware” is JUNK. Bulb went into the trash can. I installed a 15 watt “DUMB BULB”, guess what? It works!!! Who would have thought? Please… nobody reply to this in an effort to help. I already know the drill… “It’s your network”… save it.

I’m pretty sure your whizbang capacitor overheated during the firmware flash sequence causing the dimpled dilation diode to lose alignment with the quantum antenna pulses at your access point.

Be careful of residual quantum fluctuations causing your new bulb to get overheated and start making declarations about how it it’s worth the effort to switch it on; might provide too much illumination in dark situations.

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Same exact thing happened to me yesterday. My app recommended that 4 items needed an update, One bulb and three cameras. The cameras update was ok but message said unable to update bulb. Attempts to activate it or reinstall it failed.

Yikes, the turn on/off 3 times in a row to reset didn’t work either?

A short while ago I deleted the light from the wyze app and restarted my phone and rebooted my modem and then repeated the activation process and it worked.

Congrats! My bulb has been disposed of - replaced by a 15 watt LED bulb from Walmart that works every single time I turn it on. It’s Amazing!

I have a shelf full of analog bulbs but I just like the convenience of having the smart bulbs go on at sunset and go off when I say Alexa goodnight.

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I love the convenience of not having to “update” a light bulb. I also love the convenience of having it work 100% of the time – LOVE that! Plus, all I have to do is say, “Honey, can you turn on the lamp for me? – Thanks”

Oh! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong. I don’t have a honeydo!

If only Wyze was selling those, maybe then I too could enjoy the convenience of true voice automations.

As a more serious aside, does Wyze not have auto-firmware updates? I prefer manual updates because I (a) don’t trust Wyze not to introduce showstopper bugs and (b) I’m a bit of a techie but I thought they did have automatic updates for people who did want them?

Even the firmware update? I deleted/reinstalled and it again crashed during the update. Deleted/reinstalled once again but refused the update. Guess what? Bulb works great. Told the app not to ask me again.