Wyze device control with all Alexa devices and Alexa Routines

As an interim measure while we’re waiting for this, you can use IFTTT by making a recipe combining the Alexa trigger(IF step) with a Wyze action (THIS step). See this to get started:


Also, if you haven’t found them already, there are #roadmap topics for both paid subscription and 2FA here:

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Currently wyze app only works with echo devices with screen. They don’t even discovered on Amazon Echo dot. :frowning:

I would be great to trigger the wyze actions using amazon alexa routines… like; start recording, or start monitoring, stop monitoring, night mode, switch off, etc…

Having some basic controls with Alexa much like IFTTT would greatly improve the use of having an skill on Alexa. A routine that uses Alexa’s voice when someone is detected on camera 2 or 5 would be really helpful.

I just want the ability to tell Alexa to turn off notifications when I’m home. I do not have Amazon Spots or Shows and don’t plan on buying any, so the Wyze Alexa skill pretty much useless to me.

Yes IFTTT will allow you to turn off motion tracking for free. Highly recommended.

Hello @JimD @solutions, you can use the in app Shortcuts to complete this task of turning on/off motion alert notifications. Check this link out HERE for more information.


I have a few cameras that are sitting on a wyze cam wall mount. The entire setup is such that I cannot use a smart plug. As such, should I want to turn off/on the Wyze cam, it has to be done using the app. I am wondering if Wyze can enable a feature allowing Alexa to turn on/off the Wyze cams.

There is a feature in the app that does allow you to turn on and off the camera. Note that it does not power cycle the camera. It is physically impossible to do cold reset of the device.

I eventually figured out that using IFTTP does allow you to say ‘Alexa trigger Cameras off/on’ and it will do so. Not as convenient as being able to add the command to an Alexa routine, but it’s pretty close.

“Alexa, leaving house” and “Alexa, at home” are perhaps the most common use cases I can think of for easy-to-use security system control that encompasses your security alarm system and cameras (laser fence, etc). Most Hollywood movies show such use cases time and again, basically: on and off. Yet, although I can turn my security alarm system on and off with one Alexa command, I cannot include my Wyze cameras in that command? I think the real world use cases of controlling security system components with ease are not fully appreciated–yet–by Wyze developers. I really like the way you are headed, but controlling a set of security devices IS a top feature to implement, not a bottom feature. Why does this not get more attention? Maybe I missed something.


Not sure if this was mentioned, and if so I apologize. I was hoping it had the same ability that Ring has. I have a routine set up so if my Ring doorbell detects motion between 11:30pm (when my outside lights turn off) until 5:00am (when it starts getting light out), all of my outside lights turn on for 3 minutes. It’s a great theft deterrent and our area is having vehicle break in issues. I am really hoping that you somehow add this ability. I know there are some IFTTT Capabilities however, at least with my Ring setup, there was no way to automatically turn the lights off. If the Ring detected motion, the lights stayed on the rest of the night. Alexa routines were the only way I could find that allowed you to automate for a specified amount of time and do it during a certain time frame.

I also bought this because it was compatible with Alexa. What I’d like to request is that Wyze Camera notifications be turned on and off by the Alexa App’s HOME or AWAY feature. Turning off notifications from Wyze Cam when HOME is active and turning on the notifications from Wyze Cam when AWAY is active. That would be extremely helpful.

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Just FYI, you can accomplish this with IFTTT. Use IFTTT’s Location service as the trigger and Wyze notifications as the action. If you need to do it for multiple user’s geolocation, you can use Life360’s IFTTT integration the same way.

Can Alexa turn notification on and off for my cameras when away mode switches on or off? When home I have notified turn off for my cameras however when I leave I would like Alexa’s away mode to turn notify on in my cameras. Later when I tell Alexa that I’m home I want to turn notify off again.

As a workaround I have set up two Shortcuts: “Away” used to send a Notification when a Person is detected on any of the cameras and “At Home” to turn off Notify when returning home.

As it is now when I tell Alexa “I am leaving” I bring up the Wyze app and press the “Away” shortcut. When I tell Alexa “I’m back” I bring up the Wyze app and press the “At Home” Shortcut. It would be nice if the Alexa App notify the Device Apps (Wyze in this case) when “Away” is turned on or off so that the app (Wyze) can be tailored to run a specific shortcut or macro.

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Yes, really basic stuff, except for not using the Wyze app.
This should be an inherent Alexa Skill, to turn cameras on or off upon what likely are some of the most used Alexa commands: “Alexa, I’m leaving” or “Alexa, I’m home”. In my case, this triggers or turns off Alexa’s “Guard” mode.
Enabling this feature would also reduce operating cost for Wyze, as far fewer (likely very unneeded) recordings would occur, requiring cloud storage. Turning on the app and pressing the Wyze shortcuts “I’m home” or “Away” is sort of doable, but many extra steps. Especially if the Wyze app is sitting in an “event” or “camera” mode and you have to back out a few steps in order to get to the shortcuts on the start page.

I’d like to be able to create a routine in the Alexa app where I could turn on or even off(I am aware of the security issue, but it can be solved with a pin code ) the waze camera with only one voice command

You can do it with a shotrcut but not a voice command.

Honest answer but not a good one unfortunately. That’s a deal breaker. I’ll be returning these.

Hi, I would know if there is something new about this? Is the turn on/off by an Alexa command possible?
I also think is a must have to be able to add it to an Alexa routing.

An other way that maybe is easier or not for wyze to do something similar maybe. Is to use the connection to a specific wifi network to turn on/off the cameras, and even better if you could tell that more than one phone has to be connected to turn on/off the cameras, I thing that is a much better way that using the gps faith ifttt.

You could plug the power adapter of your camera into a smart plug that works with Alexa. Then tell Alexa to turn it on and off with your voice.

Even better… Set up an Alexa routine to turn it on when you leave, and turn it off again when you get home. You won’t even have to remember to give the voice command.