Wyze device control with all Alexa devices and Alexa Routines

I found that using IFTTT is a work around to this. You can setup triggers to turn cameras on or off. Still wish I could do this through Alexa via voice/routines.

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I used to do this until I bought the USB Sense bridge, which requires constant power to the camera in order for the linked accessories to work (contact sensors, etc.). I wish there was a way to have Sense be standalone in feeding it power…guess I could buy another cheap $25 camera to do this but not use the camera part.

Nov 17, 6:17 PM PST

I too would really like to be able to turn my Wyze Pan camera off and on using Alexa. For example add turn on Wyze camera when I say Alexa goodbye. Or turn it off when I say hello. That was what I thought I could do when I bought the camera and it would encourage me to buy more cameras.



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“The Alexa skill was only intended to be able to view…”

That’s fine.

Now that you see people are clamoring for more functionality, which is offered by numerous competitors, instead of continuing to say what WAS intended, you take action to give customers what they want, especially if it must not be THAT hard, if again, numerous competitors have that functionality.

Giving customers what they want to keep them loyal, what a novel idea!!!


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Rather than turn ea… ?

What did you suggest?


That’s strange. What device are you using to read the forum?

Here’s what I said:

In the mean time, rather than turn each camera on/off one by one, you can set up tasks in the Shortcuts section at the top of Devices page in the app. Set up one task that turns on all cameras and another that turns them all off. That will give you one-button control for all cameras at once.

Terminology has changed a bit since a year ago. To set up a Shortcut, go the Home screen in the app and tap the three dot (…) icon top right, then Add/Edit Rules.

Thanks Loki

Your response made me wonder if the new shortcuts app recently introduced by Apple could also control the Wyze app by pressing the I’m home shortcut when I arrive home or pressing the I’m away Wyze shortcut when I leave the house. At this point I can only get the Apple shortcut app to only

Open Wyze.

At this point, there’s no interaction between iOS shortcuts and Wyze shortcuts. You may want to take a look at these two #wishlist topics:

It do what what you want you’ll need a Amazon echo. I would suggest a Amazon show that has the echo. With the show you can connect with Wyze skills the ability to see remotely each wyze camera in the Amazon show screen

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Right now, I can ask Alexa to “show me X camera” and it will display on my Echo Show. But I can’t include displaying a camera as part of a routine.

For example, when the dogs start barking in the middle of the night I would love to be able to just say “Alexa, what’s going on” and have a routine run that: 1. turns on my outside lights, 2. displays my Wyze camera on the Echo Show on my bedside table.

I’m not sure if that’s something Wyze can even implement, but I could be wrong. Do you know if any other manufacturers have a method for you to do this through a routine? Since Alexa already knows how to grab the video, it sounds more like something Alexa needs to integrate into their Routines feature generally.

I don’t know which party makes these things happen. But I do know that you can communicate easily with Wyze on forums like this and they do listen and respond. Amazon, not at all. So if this is something for Alexa to intergrate, hopefully Wyze has a backchannel to Amazon where they can say “hey, our users are asking to be able to XYZ with our cameras on your Echo devices”.


That’s why we love 'em. :slight_smile: Haha.


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I have an Echo Dot, don’t really have a need nor room for anything more. Would be extremely convenient if even the Dot could do simple commands such as turning on/off then camera or active the wyze shortcuts. But also when the cam detects motion/sensor detects a door opening per say, it active a vocal response on the Dot. “Kids, put the chicken down” for instance. Or even an intruder security message.

You can do this with routines in Alexa already with a door contact sensor , you can set what you want Alexa to say , my routine when my front door opens Alexis says “front door open”

I use Wyze cam and other devices as my home security system for my apartment. I love that the I’m home/ I’m away buttons were added to the app. However, these don’t allow you to turn notifications from movement or wyze sense on/off.

I would love to see that I could tell Alexa “I’m home, and the notifications would go off.” Also, telling alexa “I’m leaving” and the notifications come back on. As well as be able to do this when using the I’m home/ I’m away buttons in the wyze app.

Ah, ok, don’t have any door sensors. Was hoping the camera could connect so when it detects a person, I could have Alexa announce something.