Wyze Customer service worst ever

Wyze cams are great. Customer service worst ever.

Purchased a returned Wyze Outdoor Cam in Nov 2020 that had a base registered to the previous user. Asked for a replacement over 7 months ago. Was told “oh, we can’t unlock the base station let me move the ticket to engineering” Ok

After another, 3 month go by open a second ticket. No response at all. I understand Pandemic shutdown but really?

In May open a third ticket to reference the first two. and customer support says “I can’t see that ticket…must be with engineering. wait a week.” 4 weeks go by and when I inquire that secondary ticket is closed. Lets see if the forum helps.

Whats up? Why no answer? Why no people? How in the world, do you talk to anyone?

Been telling people to get the Wyze cams but warning anyone to stay away from already registered cams

Welcome to the forums! Sorry about the experience! What are your ticket numbers of the issues you submitted? I can send them up and get them checked on for you. And just to confirm, these are support tickets you started and not just app logs that were sent?


Call support on the phone, they sent me a new base to try out , I got it in about a 7-8 days. Call 1-844- 999- 3226 Monday-Friday 5 AM-6PM or Saturday 8AM-4PM. All Pacific Time. I have had good luck calling between 9AM-10AM Pacific Time. Good luck.

1006346 21-Jan-2021
1006382 30-Jan-2021
1218784 9-May-2021
1271488 5-Jun-2021

Where did you purchase the wco and base from?

I have send those numbers on.

Micro Center in Irvine

I love me some Microcenter!

Any update on this? Trying to follow back up.

Nothing from Wyze at all.

Well, I think I know why you’re having such a poor experience. It sounds like our emails aren’t reaching you for some reason. I have confirmed that we asked for your shipping information on June 7th for a replacement but we didn’t hear back so the ticket autoclosed. I’m having the team open it up again.

In this case, you may want to call in and give the ticket number 1274348 so we can finally get this taken care of for you. Sorry about the trouble!