I like the vacuum, it has power and it is convenient. It can be a bit clunky to take apart and put back together, I am really concerned about a little clip breaking off and then never being able to close the dust bin again, but thats a future worry.

My MAIN CONCERN is that the vacuum does not allow things like cheerios and rice to be picked up. I own a dyson, but had a similar issue with that, and dropped that for the Hoover Lynx which is an excellent vacuum, but has a low battery life and doesn’t work on any small rugs. So I got this, sight unseen, but the vacuum just pushes around grains of rice, and pieces of cheerios. It’s so unfortunate. We bought this specifically so that my kids, when they dump cheerios everywhere, that I can vacuum them up before the kids step on them and bring them around the house. I really wish there was a little lip in the front that went up to pick up ‘larger’ items like cheerios. Thats all I ask.

And since this has alreday been purchased, I really wish they would send a new front piece or brush roll (whichever would help me get to pick up some stinkin cheerios.) That’s really all I ask, and then I’ll be a happy man.

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Picking up small items was not my problem, it was retaining them. As the canister is open to the wide nozzle, as soon as the power is turned off and the suction stops everything that is sucked up will be dropped out if the vacuum is not held with the nozzle pointing upward. I am hoping that holding the nozzle in the air will become part of my muscle memory until I can get to a trash can.