Wyze Contact Sensor in Electric Panel Box

Does anyone have a contact sensor in an electric panel box? Ours is external to our house, so I want to put a sensor in there (with rules setup for a wyze plug hooked up to a siren) so I know if anyone opens it (and siren will sound). But not sure if there will be an issue with the electric field or metal box screwing up the signal. The distance from camera to sensor is not far off. But the set up doesn’t allow for me to aim camera at the box.

Just wanting to see what success/failure others may have had with doing this.

The metal box initself is a problem.
With reception issues along with the magnetic contact can make the metal box area all magnetic thus renderring it from working like a metal mail box.

Reception for the contact sensor can be improved by uncoiling and extending it internal antenna outside it’s little case…and mount it outside of the electric panel box.
The magnetization of the box will depend on exactly where you place it on the box…you need to experiment with it. …Better on the cover.

I made a contact sensor work on our metal mail box using the above method …