Wyze company will get bought out?

Just as other big tech organizations have taken over smaller ones is it on the horizon that Wyze will be purchased by a bigger fish? Google bought Nest then the Nest branch bought out Drop Cam for example. Is Wyze going to be taken over by a bigger player once it gets popular enough to be on their radar ?

Is this part of Wyze’s business plans? I would not blame them for this business decison but, this would no doubt mean a monthly cloud service charge for current and future clients. Are we on borrowed time enjoying the low cost benefits that we currently enjoy as Wyze Cam customers or will the good times continue? Our days of wine and roses could be numbered but only the market and Wyze will know the answer.

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You’re right, we’re all gonna die. :wink:

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Perhaps, the 'tale of the tape ’ will be if Wyze Admin responds to this post or more telling , remains silently…we shall see.

Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes. -H.D. Thoreau

Watch company videos for subtle changes in clothing, hair and grooming. You may not find many because this maxim is not exactly a secret (nor is perception management) but it’s fun to watch for anyway.

Watch also for divine desperation. This is an unmaskable “vibe” that invests the whole being and reflects a recommitment to core values at the expense of some enriching-but-compromising opportunity. :wink:

Just saying… We are safe

Not that Wyze won’t be bought out by a bigger company.

Wyze model gives us a lot without asking a lot. The camera price is very low, the sensor kit price is very low, a now the lightbulb price is low. they give us a nice app, a updated firmware, some cool integrations…

I cannot see how a company like this can it be very profitable on the US. But I’m not saying that they aren’t, just that it seems unlikely, with competitors charging 4 to 8 times more for the same-ish product/service.

I had a theory that this was a market penetration strategy, and soon-ish it would either make an IPO or be bought by a bigger company or release supposedly better products, ask for a lot more money and discontinue the 25 usd wyze cam.

None of that happened.

They got a injection of money, surely

But they released the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) firmware and this is the greatest safeguard for us users. IF Wyze got bought, and change the rules in a way that you don’t like it, you can just change to RTSP and use your camera with any of the many NVRs that are on the market, or even just send to a 24/7 computer on your network.

So, to me, it is likely that this rules, as set today, is not as lucrative as the other players on the market, and this could it be close to unsustainable, but even if wyze goes down we already got our safeguard.

I suspect a buyout would be the demise of the Wyze cam platform rather than higher cost for services. It would most likely be bought by a competitor.
I’m not buying anything other than Wyze cameras. The cameras can be flashed with other firmware if Wyze disappears.


We don’t have plans to be bought out at this point. I can’t speak to the future but that’s not currently our goal.

As for if this is lucrative, it’s true that we could probably pack more of a margin onto our sales to have them be MORE profitable. But that would go against what we stand for and we’re bobbing along well with our low margin, high volume strategy. :slight_smile:


I wholeheartedly agree. Continued growth will come as userfriendly products with price appeal maintain their current status. Once the bigger guys step in, it’s “hasta
la vista baby.” Wyze is fresh. Their products are hitting the market at the right time. Not to say others aren’t as well. But, the Wyze price makes all the difference
The new Wyze products are causing even more mass appeal. Let it be.

Thank you for your integrity and for answering that question!! You ROCK! :guitar:
Hugs from a gramma of 44, who can afford Wyze products! (pls say hello to the Crosby 6 if you ever get to see them!!


I probably won’t get to see them until more of us are vaccinated but I’ll happily say hello to them for you when I can! :slight_smile: