Stock IPO

Any plan’s to have company go public now that’s my a wish.

Me too!


Me three. When I learned of the investment from Norwest Venture partners, this was one of my first questions. I like to invest (stock-wise) in companies whose ethics I support, and products I consume, purchase, or use. Does Wyze have any plans to go public in the coming few years?


Just got an email about Wyze lock and it looks amazing. I definitely want to get 1.
I am very interested to buy company 's stock as well if the company goes public.


I’m trying to find out a way to invest in the company also it is definitely the future of home technology and the great prices will keep the company around forever and will always be continuing to add sales… If you all find out how to invest let me know …


Well I’m sure you’re going to want to keep it secret but if you do find out a way to invest I would very much be interested in it myself because I agree I believe Wyze is the future of home technology and home automation as long as they stay with their current Way of doing business. If they change their mission statement -not exactly sure they have one -but their mission seems pretty clear.

Great products. Great prices. Great customer service. Turn the industry completely upside down in shock the world. I like that mission statement


Absolutely :+1::blush::+1:


I would buy WYZE stock in a heartbeat if they decided to go public. Hope that they will let Wyze users first dibs on the stocks before going public if that is even possible.


Yeah, I looked for Wyze’s stock just now and came up empty other than that it is privately held. I too think Wyze is on the way to the top of the very crowded “smart home” field and if and when they go public, I’m in. I’m not sure if the SEC would permit Wyze users to get the first shot as they MAY consider it as some sort of insider trading or some other foolish rule. I normally try to stay away from IPO’s since many of them decrease in value after the initial “sugar rush” is over but for Wyze, I’d probably make an exception. Wyze is a relatively small company and seems to be well funded through a private equity firm ($20 million in 2019) so I wouldn’t hold my breath about them becoming publicly traded anytime soon.


I would add their Stock to my New Year whish list.

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I’d be in, absolutely!

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If I knew this wouldn’t hurt the company overall I would be for it. Right now I love their business practice of making quality products for excellent prices.

They are Far better than the competition in terms of prices. And the quality is really good. I wouldn’t want to lose that because I definitely support this company.


I’d love to invest in this company as well. Looking forward to WYZE Labs to go public.


I would love to invest in this company I have bought many of their products they all are extremely robust and decently priced. The customer service is outstanding, employees really love working for this company. Kudos to the founders.

Hope I can get a chance to invest before Google snaps this up


No way!!! This would drive up the price point of products.


Or, it would give them more capital for R&D.

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Glad you all want to own shares of a company that employs and manufactures products in China. How patriotic of you!

Hi @nycscrodge,

Please remember the following before making such a comment. They employ US workers in the States, support American front line works with PPE and sell temperature devices. Are honest to admit and remedy their mistakes. And stand by behind their products which they sell at a minimum price point to us.

So yes others and I will be first to buy their IPO.


Im just pointing out that all of their products are manufactured in China. They outsource so it’s cheaper for you. Call them and ask the Wise Wizard Team. I already did BEFORE making such a comment. 206-339-9646

The key word is “cheaper”. Not everybody has a seemingly unlimited budget and is only willing to buy stuff made domestically. How much do you think the $20 Wyze V2 cam would cost if it was made in a union shop in the rust belt? Would you feel better if Wyze made their cams in Italy, Japan, Brazil or any other country rather than the good old USA? If so, your problem runs much deeper than where Wyze makes their cams.

I have 4 Wyze cameras, a Wyze lock, a Wyze band and a box of face masks. I’m not real impressed with the band but the other stuff is top notch and I really don’t give a rat’s ass where any of it was made. It all works and it fits my budget.