Wyze.com and App log in linked?

I have a situation that i am trying to figure out. Last night i received an email from wyze saying that someone had logged in from another location and used UTC time. Is that standard for wyze to use UTC? Also, I noticed someone logging in to my camera shortly there after because the red light was on. when i logged onto wyze.com, it showed that someone had logged on from another device, so there were now 3 devices which were my phone, my pc and then another android in another city. my question is the app and the .com connected? can someone access my cameras from the .com?

Hello @jfscott103 and welcome to the community

I would recommend you contact security@wyze.com and give them this information so they can look into it. I would also recommend using 2FA if you aren’t already.


Yea the Wyze login is global, so if they are logged in somewhere they are everywhere :skull:

Someone is probably watching your cameras, please log the device out and enable 2fa. Also change your password asap.

Where do you see such access log info? I don’t see anything like that at Account – Wyze

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I don’t think that’s currently possible actually, but if you change your password and enable 2fa it should kick all devices

I am also interested in learning where within your account on the website you were able to verify that an additional device, and the specific OS, had logged into your account. This has been a feature request for some time and is still on the #Wishlist and #roadmap in several topics. To my knowledge, it has yet to be implemented.


Then is he or she somehow confusing the Wyze.com and app logins with a Google account login? It doesn’t sound like it but…


If you click on your avatar the click on the preference button then go down to security it will show what devices are currently logged on


Well whaddya know! It works.

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I’m not sure if that’s everything Wyze, that may just be who’s logged into the forum, not necessarily the app as well. Although it they were able to log into there they also can the app


That is the login record for this forum, which is not the same record for login to the app or your account from the wyze.com website. @WyzeJasonJ, can you confirm and correct if I am misunderstanding? Isn’t this forum 3rd party browser based software licensed to Wyze operating independent of the website and the app?

While the user login and password from your Wyze account are used for the forum, I don’t believe that is giving an accurate representation of access\attempts at access to your cams through the Wyze app or your account data through the Wyze “My Account” Website.

However, it does indicate a potential security breach since the user\pass is the same.


That is correct, Wyze uses licensed software from Discourse. The forum will only show access to the forum and not to devices or app.


Thank you! :+1: