All devices connected to wyze login

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Is there a way to look at all the device IDs that have logged into a wyze account like how gmail shows the devices connected. My wife’s phone and mine has the same wyze login credentials and i have not enabled 2FA because both of us want administrator access. we do share a specific camera occasionally with our relative when they are baby sitting our son.

looking into this because of all the recent ring camera breakins

I am not aware of a way to see logged in devices yet. And using the same credentials with SMS based 2FA is a pain if you are physically separated. But it’s less of a pain than a hacked account.

You might consider you or you wife using a separate account with the cameras shared to that account for when you are apart and then switch back to a shared account when you are together as a temporary workaround.

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Another thing to make sure of is that the login credentials you are using for your Wyze account have NEVER been used anywhere else.


Both of us travel for work. So there are times of day we are physically apart. We did try using separate accounts for a month but that tend to have limited usage for the shared person because the shared person cannot access memory card stored videos or playback.

Is it a really hard feature to add the connected devices to an account.

I don’t think it’s all that hard no, but Wyze is still very small personnel wise. So it’s not a priority I imagine. There is a #wishlist on this forum for adding things. If you look at it the list is fairly large. Things do move from the list to roadmap and then to the app so they really do pay attention.


Be sure to vote here if you’d like to see the feature added.