Getting new login detected when I login

Any time I log into the app or online to view my cameras I receive an email woth a strange ip address and device listed saying that an unauthorized device is trying to access my cameras. Is this normal? Just started today.

Yes, it’s a new wrinkle from Wyze. That’s to warn you if someone got hold of your login. Financial institutions do the same. But the thing, they know how to mark your device as trusted, so you don’t receive the email again. Wyze doesnt know how to implement that scheme. You’ll be receiving the email every time.

This is new though. Even when I logged into the forum i got the email. Just started doing this May 2 of this year.

Yep, with the app you can login and then close the app. You should not have to login again. But if the IP or device is not trusted, then you will be notified.

On the app, that’s true as long as you don’t log out. On the web (Webview"), even if you select “Trust this …”, you will still be asked to login every time. This is on Firefox.

Check to see if you have security and Privacy in Firefox or if you are clearing your cookies when you exit. If the cookies are cleared you will be prompted to logon again

I apologies for the long delay in response. I have been a little more busy than I thought I would have been. Ive tried both firefox and chrome. Same thing. No issues with privacy settings. No I am not clearing my cookies. I have also recently been having issues with one of my battery cam pros. But that is an entirely different issue. Ill just chock it up to some update to the browsers or something. I did notice after updating chrome a bunch of settings got changed from what I set them too. So that could be it and I just havent found it yet.

As I posted in another thread, my PayPal, also my bank accounts don’t have a problem remembering me on this browser. Only Wyze can’t. I don’t clear my cookies and I don’t have any special security in effect.

Edit -

I access this forum on the same browser. It does remember me. Why can’t Webview?

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Im in the same boat.