Wyze and Email alerts

Throwing this out there first… Personally I love my Wyze cameras and I have been with Wyze since the beginning!
So in the beginning Wyze would send out an Email notifying you of " New device login", I gave my fiance my log in information and was disappointed to see I didn’t receive an Email… Do I by chance have my notifications turned off or is this no longer a feature? If not, I’d LOVE to see it be brought back as it was just that extra little bit of comfort on my end… Thank you…

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Do you mean an email like this? I get one every time I reinstall the app and login even though it is the same device.

I looked in the online account and in the app and don’t see any settings for modifying this email notification.


I get that as well, but not always, which is strange

oddly enough, I don’t think I have ever gotten this. lol I was unaware of it. and everyone knows I’ve been hanging around these parts for just a bit now.


Yes! Exactly like that. I am just curious as to why I don’t receive them any more… Seems strange to me… Personally I loved just that extra security and quick information regarding my account… I went ahead and removed the app, reinstalled it and still… Nada

I’v installed and reinstalled five cameras and never received that kind of e-mail.

You aren’t going to get it on cam installs. Only when you have a new app login or a login from a new device. Because I test Beta apps and firmware a lot to isolate and reproduce bugs, I am deleting and reinstalling beta vs production release apps frequently to cross test. I thought everyone got these every time a new device logged in.

EDIT: Might be different for Android vs iOS

I’ve had logins from my iPhone, my iPad, my wife’s iPad. I also gave my account credential’s to my wife-never received an email like that. :thinking:


A good question for security@wyze.com

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