WYZE Chime will not connect to net

Door Bell setup went fine but chime still not connecting. Have tried unplugging chime and replugging and resetting button and blue flashing light comes on but after a minute or so the yellow light comes on. Any ideas on how to et the chime to connect?

The blue flashing light is mixed with the yellow light. Are you trying to connect to it with the app when you put it into search mode?

Same problem, and nothing from support other than “we’re working on it.”

Was able to get the chime to work by pushing the reset button on the back of the door bell camera. Then went back through the setup procedure and all worked correctly.

I received a warranty replacement doorbell today. The new chime would not connect to the old doorbell, but the new doorbell connected immediately to the new chime.

My conclusion is that my original doorbell was defective.