Wyze car unboxing, assembly and review

When I moved into my new home, I decided to ditch all my existing smart home gear and consolidate on the Wyze platform exclusively. Since I’m happy with the doorbell, thermostat, and alarm system - I decided to get myself a toy. It arrived today!

Here’s the car coming out of the box:

There were several parts to assemble. Just enough, really. I’m told that companies like Duncan Hines can easily make a cake mix that requires only water - but people won’t buy them. They want to feel like they’re really cooking something, so they add eggs and oil and things. There was just enough assembly to make me feel like I’d done something.

These are listed in the Quick Start Guide as “Large Screws (4)” and “Small Screws (8).” Uhhh, okay, I’m just going to use some.

Here’s the car with the roll bar and camera mount installed, before adding the power bank and the camera:

And the finished product!

I know the product page says the battery only lasts for 20 hours, but I don’t see how that’s possible. My car came out of the box with 3/4 LEDs on the battery. If our friends at Wyze fully charged the battery immediately before packing it to ship on the 7th, the battery lasted for at 8 days until it arrived here. I was able to play with it immediately. Which I did! After assembly, I downloaded the Wyze Car app and fired up the camera. It worked great the first time.

Here’s the view from the floor of my office on my initial test drive.

Apparently I can’t post videos here, but I have a great one of the car chasing my toddler. Just trust me that its adorable, and the quality is great.

I like the speed it goes at personally, it’s easy to control. As far as I Can tell, the six arrows on the “trackpad” are the six directions it seems to go in, but that works for me. It doesn’t turn a tight corner on carpet, but it goes just fine. The camera image is great, and it’s great fun to play with.

I don’t know that I’ll use it for super security reasons - but that’s not really why I bought it. I just wanted a cool remote controlled car with a nice camera. And that’s what it is. I can chase the dachshund around the house while I wait for R processes and SQL scripts to run. It’s been great fun to play with today, and my toddler has a blast chasing it around.

I’m looking forward to taking it to the park when it warms up, and running it up and down my street. I’ve ordered a magnetic break-away charging cable for it as some here have recommended, too. So far, I really like the little guy, and it’s super fun.

It shows up in my main Wyze app just fine too, and I shared it’s view with my wife who can see it as well. For as little as it costs, I’m really happy with it and looking forward to lots of fun.



Well, my first day playing with it was pretty fun. I’m happy with it overall. It meets or exceeds my expectations. :grinning:

I’m looking forward to the magnetic charger cable so I can drive it off the charger. I tried operating it from my parent’s house away from my WIFi and it worked great. I was also able to annoy my wife with it while she was watching bad TV, so that’s a real plus for me.