Wyze Car Connection Issues

I got the car and put it together and ran it around the house for a couple minutes. It has not worked right since. Will not work at all it seems in travel mode, how does one connect to the cars Wi-Fi with no password!?
Am I missing something?

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I haven’t tried travel mode yet. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and see if I have any issues.

I should clarify: This does not work AT ALL other than the camera repeatedly crying, “Ready to connect.”

Now, I have to prove to Wyze Co., five different different ways, that I bought and posess this…

I also, regrettably, bought 3 licenses for the Plus plan for cameras. Those features don’t seem to function as advertised either…

I don’t know of any companies that burst on the radar at their “apogee” that still exist.

Wyze, it seems, just pumps out products and features that are either junk (car and the car vacuum) or just don’t work like Plus.

Fool me once, …

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i was able to copy and paste the password, and set up “travel mode enabled” however, same as you it does not connect remotely. yellow light flashes, and nothing. I’m a fan of Wyze as their cameras have worked nicely for me, but this toy I thought would be fun has only been an aggravation.
My indoor outdoor camera also does not work, as I cannot get the base to connect to the internet at my house, so that one sucked too.
was it an April fools gimmick? I feel played.

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The indoor/outdoor camera, is that the battery powered camera that connects to the base station? If so, you have to first use the wired connection (base station to router), then you can switch to wifi.

I am experiencing the same issue. I have to set up an internet connection every time I want to drive the Wyze car.
Any instructions about travel mode, how to set up, enable/disable it.
Very disappointed…


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Where did u copy and paste password for travel mode from??
I can’t seem to find!