Wyze cancelled my order, so instead I bought a Flipper Zero to try out cam jamming

Well I was going to buy a V3 pan but since Wyze cancelled it I won’t bother to try again…

I have too many cams anyways :rofl:

Wyze thought it to be a fraudulent purchase, well wyze can shove that camera right up their butt.

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Just out of curiosity, did you use Buy with Prime off the Wyze Website, or try to pay with a Credit Card or something else?

On the App using the Shop (SALE) icon, so Wyze official site I would assume.

Using a credit card, which went through and then shortly later denied and cancelled.

Interesting. I wonder how they determined this then. I know they won’t share their analysis methods, but maybe they started checking something like if people’s accounts have cameras connected to a bunch of different IP Addresses while using Can Plus Unlimited. Maybe that’s throwing up red flags? IDK. I had long wondered if they would ever start checking that more. I heard a rumor (I think it was on Reddit) that when CPUnlimited first launched there were people trying to solicit friends, family, neighbors, etc to hook up their cameras on their spare unlimited licenses for a small fee and this might be why Wyze added the 1 residential location disclaimer. And it seems checking IP addresses would be the main way to detect this.

So the above could be involved in that? IDK. Just trying to think of what it could be with the limited info we have. I guess the only way to know for sure would be for you to have support escalate it for you, but I realize you said your solution is you are just not going to buy more anyway. And honestly it’s likely something else entirely. If they were concerned about your CPUnlimited, I’d more expect them to do something about the subscription rather than a camera order.

As a business owner myself, and not speaking for Wyze specifically, and not implying that any of these apply to your situation here, I could see them do this to accounts general for things like someone who has done a LOT of returns; warranty exchanges without returns arriving; history of payment chargebacks on the account in the past it from specific card numbers, addresses, or names; redflag notes from customer service about how they were treated (if they were excessively yelled at or treated unprofessionally during a recorded call); or a number of other things. I have seen companies do similar things for the above (I used to work customer service in my 20s and companies would do things like this in some of those cases). Sometimes there were just misunderstandings though. Hopefully that’s all it is. Maybe they had some red flags from all the different IP addresses or something, IDK.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Helps us to keep an eye out for similar patterns.


Spent the money elsewhere :rofl:

Bought a Flipper Zero with WiFi Dev board :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Will see what havoc I can have with Wyze cam jamming…LoL :joy:

Edit: The SAME credit card and info was used to order, no issues and not cancelled like the Wyze transaction.

I don’t think a Flipper Zero will let you jam a Wyze Camera directly. You can probably take out your own network instead…but most of the cameras should still record to their SD cards. That’s one thing I like about Wyze cameras compared to many others. Even for any missing cloud event periods, there should still be a local record.

Yeah, this is not surprising if it had other factors involved as I mentioned above. For example, and not saying this is the case for you, but if someone does chargebacks to Wyze, Wyze may internally flag that account as having fraudulent activity, and other merchants won’t know that or have similar records, so they would have no problem processing payments since they have no similar history with that.

Sometimes the Wyze cams stay offline when WiFi goes down and back up according to some posts, myself I have not seen that yet…

But if it does happen and the camera does not come online while jamming, then the power is reset while still jamming in essence the SD recording will not happen without being connected to WiFi and Wyze servers first.

Just something to try…

Have other uses for Flipper Zero :dolphin: anyways :grin:

For those wanting to wreak havoc but can’t afford a Flipper Zero, check out the dstike


All you need tl achieve such a thing is NIC that supports packet injection ( Atheros AR9271 and *Ralink RT3070 are two very popular and most capable.) If you know what your doing all you need is the aforementioned NIC and running aircrack-ng. Flipper zero is a bunch of RF modules on an overpriced microcontroller for script kiddies. Plus id say 70% of “consumer-grade” WAPs default to “WPA2-WPA3 personal” or Protected management frames ‘capable’ for compatibility purposes – Thus making most script kiddie toy ‘jammers’ useless. I use quptations as 99% of these toys and software GUIS claiming to “Jam” wifi are doing norhing of the sort. Theyre issuing a “de-auth” packet to the broadcast address of default network address. This functionality was meant for maintenance and torubleshooting DHCP. Protected management frames make that functionality thing of the past. “True Jamming” would be utilizing a transciever or RF emission source at a Tx power higher than the device soughf to be jammed.

A very “non-toy” capable of doing such a thing from the mhz to Ghz range is the HackRF One. Bootloader on the wyze cams handles DHCP in such trash fashion they jam themselves half the time. Btw altering your DHCP pool and assigning static IP beyond thaf scope does prevent “glitching out” and a lot of other issues – for a while at least.

P.s. Ive been employed as a web application penetration tester and red team lead for about the last decade. If you know Vanilla JS and Ajax and look at that page, youll not be surprised as to why it will fail, cancel, and freeze with utter ease. Unless youre looking to get a stupid badege on your account, or exclusive deal within the app (most deals are available on website and amazon simultaneous to whatever offered in-app) I’d reccomend NOT using app if you can. Ive subkitted two vuln findings from that portal in the past year and head crickets in return, so personally wouldnt dare have PII or anhthing scoped for PCI compliance in wyzes hands for any reason.

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