Purchase failed, please make sure the credit card info is right and try again

Hi, I’m trying to purchase Cam Plus Unlimited. There is a banner: “The Cam Plus Unlimited Plan is back for a limited time! Cover up to 99 Wyze Cams on one plan. [Subscribe now] (Wyze Home Monitoring Service)”

But every time I try to purchase, I get a message: “Purchase failed, please make sure the credit card info is right and try again.”

I have tried calling my credit card company and doing the transaction while on the phone with the credit card company, and they confirmed they only see a $1 authorization from Wyze, not the $128.99 CAD.

I have been on the phone for > 1 hr with support who at the end claimed there’s no order specialist to help her out and later on claimed that the offer is only good until May 20.

Can anyone help me out please?

Hey, sorry about your issue. Im confirming if the offer is still valid, maybe the banner was not removed.

Thanks for replying and offering to confirm if the offer is still valid, @IEatBeans .

By the way, I notice it seems like you don’t work at Wyze. Could you share the steps to confirm it please (assuming the steps are public)? I would like to try it if possible. Thanks!

Hey, yes I do not work at Wyze, just been a volunteer for a while so I can talk with some of the Wyze staff. Jimmy from Wyze in the discord is very nice and I forwarded this thread to him. He said the offer officially expired on the 20th but it should still work in the meantime.

Thanks, @IEatBeans . I tried again today, same problem :frowning:

And I also got an email back from Aljene M. claiming she’s a supervisor at Wyze and that the system is declining the process since the offer expired on May 20.

I wonder whether Jimmy or Aljene is correct. :thinking:

I figured it out… I used a different card and it worked on the first try. Thanks for confirming the offer was still valid, @IEatBeans.

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Glad you got it! Please mark this thread as solved :smile:

Sure, @IEatBeans , I have now marked it solved. Thanks again!