Wyze Camv3 On Apple tv Plus4K

Hi all
I’m a relatively new Wyze user having taken the plunge on (3) - Cam v3’s a few weeks ago and I really like them. Just the other day I added some new streaming devices to the house. (1) - Apple TV 4k 32gb box for the main viewing TV and (2) - chromecasts for secondary sets in the house. The choromcasts only took a few clicks to show the Wyze cams. The apple TV however has been a real pain in the ass to set up for Wyze camera viewing. All I can find with extensive google research is conversation about using an app called “Tiny Cam Pro” to complete the interface. This app is not available directly through the TV app store. I was able to add it to an iPad that shares the same Icloud ID with the TV but can’t get my cams to appear in the phone app on the iPad. And I cant get the app on the TV. This is as far as I can get on this. . There must be something very obvious and stupid that I’m missing here.
Other than the tinycam reference I’ve seen several other overly complicated videos about linking security cameras to the apple TV but they don’t specifically mention Wyze and also seem way more complicated than the chromecast.
Thanks in advance for any help!

No, stop. Anything called TinyCam on Apple’s store IS NOT the real TinyCam or TinyCam Pro that people here recommend. TinyCam is Android-only and its author is named Alexey. It’s also available on Amazon Fire devices because those run Android.

Would using AirPlay from the iPad to the Apple TV while using the Wyze app be an acceptable solution?

Thanks Lonnie,
Full disclosure…
The Apple devices we are dealing with here belong to my wife so I’m not so savvy on the apple environment. I’m on Android. But I guess with the airplay to AppleTV solution - wouldn’t it be quicker just to grab the iPad and see what’s going on with surveillance? Or quicker still just to check on my phone? IDK

Apparently I misunderstood. As you had mentioned using Chromecast, I had thought you were looking only to view on a larger screen.