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Having 6 camsV3 I thought these cams were the answer. Out of town for 2 months and 3 cams stopped working. I called Wyze and they said I would have to reprogram them.

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Many users have had cams drop connection and go offline when their WiFi Router decides that it doesn’t want to play nice anymore with their devices. It is a widespread problem that affects many users. Not all WiFi routers treat IoT Cams the same way. I had this problem on two different routers until I upgraded to a Mesh system that will play nice and keeps all my cams online with a very wide signal footprint.

Remotely, there are two remedies for when this happens.

  1. Access the router remotely thru the Admin HTML or App access (if it allows) and reboot the router. Alternatively, you can get a Router Reboot Smart Device that you can plug your router into that will power cycle the router remotely on command.

  2. Plug each cam into a Smart Plug. This allows you to power cycle the cam remotely by turning the plug off and then back on after 30s.

Both of these will force the cam to get a refreshed IP from the router and reconnect to the Wyze Server, allowing you to stream again.

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This is good information. I’m on my second Wi-Fi router from internet provider. Router works fine for a while before issues develop from router. I think if the community had this information it would help a lot .

This is a running theme! ISP Routers are notoriously unforgiving and uncooperative. There are some ISP provided routers that are overtly restrictive and ecosystem proprietary.

They are usually not optimized for 2.4GHz, not highly configurable, and not the best equipment available. And, if you are being charged an “equipment” rental fee, it makes matters worse.

Most of the regulars here in the forum have been spreading the word on the pitfalls of ISP provided routers that lock customers into networks that don’t meet their needs. I always recommend lots of research and discussion with other community members about performance of router models before they buy one… If the ISP allows it.

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Personally, I don’t agree with that way. Power cycling a router like that means its trash and should get rid of it immediately.

I don’t expect most people to understand how to even reach the browser interface so that way no go for most people either.

I’m not looking from a reply from SlabSlayer and am not wanting one as I will not see it. That’s my personal viewpoint. To each his/her own. What SlabSlayer says there may work for those that want to do things that way.

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How do you capture the bar code ?

A reboot of the router or a power cycle of the cam does not require a rescan of the QR Code. Once the cam has been initially installed and is within the Device List of the App, any reboots of the cam or router will use the same credentials saved on the cam & server when you first installed it and it will log back into the network.

The only time a cam rescan of the QR Code is required is if you perform a Factory Reset on the Cam (requires physical access) and run a new Setup routine in the App. If you delete the cam from the App, this is absolutely required. I don’t recommend deleting installed cams from the app.

But others will see it and it may help them to find a better solution to a widespread issue.

Absolutely agree 100%! A good router should almost never need rebooted or power cycled.

Again, agreed. This is more of an advanced user access method. Additionally, many routers do not allow Admin access remotely from outside the network’s local IP range and ISP provided routers customarily block all Admin access outside of assigning the SSID\PW.

Even so, when you are 1000 miles away with cams offline, what other remedies are available besides leaving them offline and waiting days or weeks until you get back?

I don’t agree with power cycling a router at all. What I found informative is the type of router makes a difference and how some play nice and some don’t. My next move is figuring out a Wi-Fi router that will work well with my setup.

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What company is your Internet Provider and what router are you using?

Depends on the router and service provider as to the need to recycle router on/off/on.

My router will run fine indefinitely, but if I don’t do a daily reboot I notice my up and download speeds slowly decrease.

So I set the router to reboot very early in the morning daily. I am on a cellular router and tried many brands which all seem to have same speed degradation issue when left on same IP too long. New IP on power cycle and better bandwidth.

Also I am in the fringe on signal at -100dBm so the daily reboots really help.

On average 10 Mbps up & down works fine on my 28 cams but don’t reboot and in a week or so it’s 3-5 Mbps then the troubles begin.

My current router is an Advantech ICR-3241 on AT&T
which is connected to an Orbi Mesh network that covers my 4+ Acres, the Orbi seems to play nice with all my cams including the Wyze cams.

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I normally like to buy my own cable modem and my own separate WiFi access point. Last time I was in a Comcast store the Rep gave me an XB7 (one step down from the latest current XB8) at no monthly fee. I know many times Comcast special deals expire, so at that point I will have to see what they offer me or put my own equipment back in service.

I have been very happy with how the XB7 works with my IoT. My v3 cameras never have connection issues.

The Wi-Fi modem is Hitron Model Name: CODA-4582. I’ve found out the 2.4 ghz is cutting out. Ethernet and 5ghz Wi-Fi will stay working but the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi disconnects, continues to broadcast but I can’t connect anything to it unless i reboot the modem. I’ve spoke with my internet provider while it was down and they can’t see anything on their end pertaining to the issue . They told me the next time I call they would setup a tech to come out. I will be calling them in the morning. I will also ask for a modem that plays nice with Iot devices. I have started looking for modems to purchase.

I talked to Wyze and they said when your camera loses connection it has to be reprogramed and rebooting your Router does not do that… My Router is a 5ghz and the cams on occasions lose connection.
Remember when reprograming you have to put the bar code up to the cam and rebooting your Router wont accomplish that…

Wyze Customer Support misinformed you. It wouldn’t be the first time. I can absolutely tell you that is not necessary.

When your cams go offline, do NOT delete them in the app. They DO NOT need reinstalled. Once installed, they stay installed. The only thing that happens is that they loose their WiFi \ Internet connection.

A power cycle of the cam is all that is needed to bring it back online. A reboot of the router, while less than desirable, is an alternative. Others here can confirm that.

Wyze Cams do not connect to the 5GHz band. They only connect to 2.4GHz. Your router is most likely dual band.

A reinstallation setup of the cam does require a QR scan. Unless you deleted the cam from the app, you don’t need to reinstall it or set it up again. Power cycle it.


I have 28 cameras and if I had to reprogram every time the internet was lost I would be very upset‼️

Fortunately it’s NOT that way, I think you misunderstood whom you were talking to…


I will give it a try…Thanks

Update on my issue. Tech over the phone recommended we factory reset modem. Fortunately that helped. Guessing the Wi-Fi modem over time began to do what it wanted, I don’t know for sure but it’s working ok like it did when I first got it. Thanks for your help