Wyze cams work on network, but not off

I tried to get help from Wyze, but they don’t answer. I am having problems when viewing my cams away from my home network. When I am at home I can view them fine. Once I am on cellular the cams play for 2 seconds and freeze. Any motion captures loaded to the cloud play fine. I also have a cam at my parents house and that one I can view fine, so it must be something with my home network. Can anyone help me with tweaking my home network to get these to play. I don’t think I had a problem until I got the outdoor cams.

Hi, I have not had that problem before. Though if you need a way to contact Wyze they have a wyze support phone number and they should be able to help. You can reach them at:

1 (844) 999-3226

Between 5am-6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am-4 pm PT Saturday.

I’m having the same issue. I suspect that the base station is not behaving with the router (mine is a Netgear R7000). All of my other Wyze cams have no issue over cellular. I’m reaching to support to see if they can help.