WYZE CAMs without CAMplus are, .... useless?

Is it safe to say that the WYZE Cam’s are for the most part almost useless UNLESS one pays for the CAMplus service?

I’ve a two Foscam PTZ cameras and four Amcrest Camera’s that without any cloud services, are very usable with either software on my Windows PC’s, and/or my QNAP NAS Surveillance software.

Ideally, I’d like to bring my WYZE CAMS into Blue Iris, but it appears the only place to use WYZE CAMS, is in the WYZE world, and thus I need to subscribe to a monthly/annual cost per month per camera?

My Amcrest camera’s let me save video to an MicroSD card, and review it with no restrictions. The WYZE Cams restrict me to 12 seconds of video, and then make the camera go DARK for 1 minute before it’ll record a 12 second clip again… that’s not very useful at all.


The Wyze cameras are P2P cloud cameras. They work differently then an IP camera like a Foscam. You may be able to use RTSP firmware to connect the cameras to a third party software.

All Wyze cameras let you do this.
More information on SD card recording(V1, V2, V3, And Pan) can be found here:

For the Wyze cam Outdoor (battery powered), you’ll need to use scheduled recordings instead. More information here:

The doorbell doesn’t have a Micro SD card slot on it so you’ll need to use Cam Plus to record videos longer then 12 seconds with out the cool-down (gap between videos).

No subscription services are required to use RTSP firmware or micro SD card recording.

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I wouldn’t say that. I’ve got 16 cameras now total, none with Cam Plus. I’ve found great value in the cameras.

Some corrections.

For V2 and Pan Cam models you can load the alternate RTSP firmware to use the cameras in Blue Iris.

Buying CamPlus will NOT enable Blue Iris integration.

The cameras stop recording motion events for 5 minutes, not just 1 minute, after each 12 second event recording, unless you pay for CamPlus. (SD recordings continue, if you can get the cameras to work reliably with an SD card.)

Not in my opinion. I now have 28 Wyze cameras between V2, V3, and Pan.

That is exactly what I am doing. I have BlueIris running on my Windows file server. All of my V2 and Pan cameras (except two that I have gotten to yet) have been flashed for RTSP and work just fine with BlueIris. Note BTW, that a camera that is RTSP flashed can not be used with CamPlus. Also note that RTSP firmware is not yet available for the V3 cameras, but Wyze has said that it will be coming out one of these days…

Completely wrong. If you are recording to the uSD card, you can watch whatever is saved on the card. That will either be continuous or any minute that has any sort of event. Personally I have 64GB uSD cards in every camera and they are all set for continuous recording. That gets anywhere from one to three weeks saved depending on how active the video is for that camera.
The only place you get 12 second clips is when viewing events that are stored on the Wyze cloud servers.