Card in Cameras

Does the card on your camera allow you to eliminate the need for getting or using the CLOUD service?

Yes. You don’t need to pay for any service. But you do need an Internet connection and a free Wyze account and app in order to use the cameras.

Things like person detection will not work.

Also, FYI some/many of us have found the cards unreliable in Wyze cameras.

Oh, and Wyze still provides rolling 12 second event cloud storage for free.

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On the cameras that you’ve installed a microSD card in, you can set them to continuously record or to only record 12 second event clips (making sure that you’ve selected “detects motion” and/or “detects sound” options.

The “advantage” of Camplus is that it will record events longer than 12 seconds and store that in the cloud for 14 days… (whereas when it is stored locally, unless you have those event clips locked, they will be over written as the memory card fills up…)

So it depends on what you are going after… In the end, it all relies on a strong wifi signal… if not, it wont matter where the footage is being stored, if there is weak wifi signal and/or no image or video cuts out often, you will be recording that same poor video…

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Well not quite. Poor WiFi shouldn’t affect the quality of a video recorded to SD card.

If the camera loses connectivity with your router, then there will be interruptions in what is being recorded…

Usually the camera may disconnect (sometimes frequently) on “live” view… but still records to the microsSD card in the background… However, I’ve had times where the camera has lost connectivity with the wifi network and therefore gaps appear in the local recording (to the internal microSD card on that specific camera…)

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If you have a v2 or Pan cam, yes. If you have a Wyze Cam Outdoor, no.

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Thank you for your reply.

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