Wyze Cams with MAC ID starting with A4 are problematic (Newer Cams with MAC ID starting with 2C No Issues)

Wyze Cams with MAC ID starting with A4 are problematic in my system, Once those were replaced I no longer had issues… (So Far…LOL)

These older V2 cams would drop off line for no reason, not want to connect on occasions, corrupt SD cards that would then need formatting outside of cam.

If one of these cams went offline it usually needed the SD card removed to go online or have the SD card formatted and re-inserted back in to the V2 then all is good for a while. Never had a V2 with the 2C MAC ID do this. Something is amiss with the WiFi chip from the vendor with MAC ID A4 maybe that is why Wyze changed that chip to a different vendor (MacID) but Wyze would not tell us…

Since removing all V2 cameras with the MAC ID beginning with A4 I have had no issues…

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Interesting observation. Thanks!

I have 6 V2 cameras. Only one has an A4 MAC address. I haven’t had the problems you describe.

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And Wyze dropped that chip vendor, for another because there were no issues, … Right…LOL

And I’m lying about my one camera out of loyalty to a chip manufacturer? Right…

Wow a blanket statement that this one camera working means there are no issues with that chipset…LOL
And where did I state you were lying…

When did I say my one camera meant there were no issues?
My one camera does show that all cameras with a MAC address starting with A4 aren’t problematic.
Where did I state that there were no issues with the chip vendor?

Mr. Wyzelover,

I had 8 out of 11 cameras that had MAC addresses beginning with A4 once those were removed and replaced with the newer ones I no longer had any issues. Same goes for a neighbors setup no A4’s no issues.

I’m glad you love and support wyze, good for you…LOL

Just stating the facts found on that series of cameras with that WiFi chipset…

Carry On…

I am far from a WYZE lover. :slight_smile:
Your facts don’t hold up if all A4 cameras don’t act the same way. It’s just coincidence or there are more than one run of chips with an A4 MAC address.

Why did Wyze drop that vendor of WiFi chips?

There could be a lot of reasons. Maybe the vendor couldn’t supply enough or the price went up or there were quality issues as you suggest.

Great observation! I hope that Wyze takes the time to address/verify/explain this issue. Granted that there are a myriad of possibilities why they changed vendors on the WiFi chipset, but this is such a key component in the overall system, there are a myriad of possible problems as a result.

I hope they are not taking the GM approach of ignoring a recall issue as it’s cheaper to deal with the resultant complainants as needed rather than issue a Global product recall of the impacted customer base.