Wyze Cams with LTE/5G cellular communication

For new outdoor cam, plz support dual WIFI + LTE SUPPORT…Eventually 5G cellular…for remote installations. Also pan/tilt and provide black, camo, etc “skins”, or direct applied paint color options.

It would be awesome to create a hotspot/camera combo that can be used anywhere where there is cell service. I bought all the components to make my own livestream for watching wildlife but because the components weren’t integrated the battery usage was pretty large. Now that the new outdoor camera can run on battery for months that really increases the feasibility.

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Wyze cell service for my camera would be great to watch my cabin or even my RV trailer when parked at a camp site. Even a module that could connect to the existing WYZE cameras would be nice.


This would be awesome!

I’d really like it of you guys could make a jobsite security version of your wyze cams. To keep an eye on my remodel jobs, tools, materials, etc… The base would have to have an lte chip that the user could install from their own cell provider. Please make this happen

Last month, I was traveling in Europe and was unable to connect my Wyze cam to the hotel WiFi (all the hotel WiFi had a browser confirmation page, which Wyze could not connect to). Next time I will bring an LTE hotspot and buy a secondary LTE simcard specifically to leave with the camera in the hotel room. But it would be even easier if I could buy a Travel/Hotel specific Wyze cam, where I could insert an LTE sim card, instead of needing to bring a hotspot and extra cables. Even better if the camera was smaller and less noticeable, so it doesn’t catch attention of the hotel cleaning crew.