Wyze camera

so im looking at the site and I see you can pay for service on capturing. with that said I have only caught the mailman once . do you only set camera to person only and no other motion?

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Person detection is no longer available. The company that Wyze was getting the service from got bought out by Apple. Wyze is working on their own person identification software

The free service is 12 second video clips with a 5 minute cool down in between events. So if something triggers movement and then something else moves in front of the camera within 5 minutes, you don’t get the second one. The paid service removes both the 12 second limit and the 5 minutes between events.
To get around all of that, you can also install an SD card in the camera and set it to either record continuously or only when triggered. There is no 12 second limit or cool down period for the SD card recordings.

If you aren’t already aware, there isn’t an actual motion sensor in the camera, it’s software based and works by looking for changes in the pixels. That means you’ll typically get all sorts of false movement triggers from things like changes in light, shadows, wind & trees, etc.
You could also add Wyze Sense and use a motion detector instead of the camera to trigger events. Those sensors use heat and motion and will have far less false triggers.