Wyze camera with gsm sim card for alarm calls

wyze cam i whant to tell you way you don’t put gsm sim card on the Wyze Sense Starter Kit (bridge) similar like this product https://www.getonvia.com/products/hybrid-gsm-wi-fi-smart-cam , will be a great success for wyzecam to use sim card for alarm systems because not all the time internet works on the smartphone w, will be a great second option for alarm systems 2 ways communications

Seems a good candidate for the wishlist.

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A bit more complex, but if you have an active subscription (working SIM) and an old smartphone or iPad, you can set that up too “create” a local AP that the cameras can connect to. Give you the “freedom” to mount cameras even if there is no ISP around.
No need for 5G. Works great on 4G, and decent on 3G/UMTS/CDMA.

Sorry I don’t understand be more clear please

Adrian, saying that you can use essentially any old (decent vintage) Smartphone or LTE connected iPad/tablet to create an AP (AccessPoint, or WiFi “hotspot”) as long as you can provide it with am active “subscription” (a working and activated SIM card).

This will allow you to put the WyzeCams more or less anywhere - as long as there is 3G or 4G service.

Yes i know but not all the time people have activated internet on their own phone, example many of the people have different jobs and they not have internet access to the own phone, so sim card inside the Wyze is the best way to get alarm like > door open >send sms or make a call back to your phone number, even if you have non_smartphone you can receive sms or call with 2 ways communications , sim card for wyzecam its extra option for customers

We tested having an AP with no data connection. In my case when the data was removed from a “running network” the Wyze app would not continue. In the Apple OS case it did.

Check here for information about the sim card camera www.onvia.my hybrid camera