Odd help needed.

I will need to remove my phone sim card for a week to avoid international charges. The Wyze app and cameras are installed and functioning currently. Will the cameras, with SD cards installed continue to record if I start the cameras then remove the phone sim card? Will I have alerts and motion videos on the cards and/or cloud waiting for me when I return and put sim back in the phone, or will it just not do anything since the app cannot control cameras. The cameras will stay hooked in to wifi. also, if I were to install to another phone to run app, would I have to reset up all cameras as it would be a fresh copy of the app on a different phone but still same wifi?

I appreciate any help in advance.

thank you

I believe if your phone is connected by wifi to the internet the app will function normally. Also the cameras will function normally whether your phone is connected to the internet or not.

Thanks for the reply Kit.

I just want to make sure that they will still record without my sim card (no cell/internet service) I know I won’t get push notifications but hoping that it will still record to the SD cards, what made me question this is the fact that I can turn off cameras from app, so I thought if app is not running due to sim card out and not connecting to cameras as a controllers can they still function and upon my return gather the video for review.

Yes, the cameras will continue to record to their internal SD cards. They will continue to send 12 second clips to the cloud. This is no different than if you happened to turn your phone off (or smashed it on a rock).

You will not be able, of course, to view the SD card playback or the cloud clips or save these to your phone until your phone once again has an internet connection.

Depending on the size of the SD card installed, you may want to set the SD card recording to Event Only so the card doesn’t fill up and start deleting the older video while you’re gone. There are estimates on how much a card can hold in the support section linked at the top of this page.

One more tidbit… Not only can your cellphone be off, but the local wifi that the cameras connect to can be offline and they will still keep recording to the SD cards as long as they were set up this way and have power.

Thanks so much, I appreciate the quick reply. Good to know there is a safety net.