WYZE Camera Outdoor base station power supply replacement

Does anybody know if the power supply for the base station of a WYZE Outdoor camera can be purchased separately? I purchased a Wyze Outdoor camera starter kit that the base station. I discovered the hard way, they are dog dog resistant - fortunately, it was unplugged. Thank you!

Currently the base station is only available in the Starter Bundle

What a nice doggie :blush::wolf:

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The base station is still good - just need the power supply. Any chance you might know the specs on that?

I just looked at the plug on mine it states input 100-240 volts. Output 12 volt = 1000 mA

Great, Thank you!

Can someone tell me what the plug diameter is please

As I’ve just bought a 5,5 mm (Extérieur/External), 2,1 mm ( Intérieur/internal . and the plug is too big

I think I need a plug that’s Extérieur/External 4,0mm / Intérieur/internal 1,7mm
But before I reorder another I’d like to be sure


You should look for something like this with various size connectors included.


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Thanks, I found one :+1::kissing_heart:

What did you use. I lost my power supply.

I use an old Phone charger that I have, and original chargers with USA to French adapters. As I live in France