WYZE Camera Outdoor base station power supply replacement

Does anybody know if the power supply for the base station of a WYZE Outdoor camera can be purchased separately? I purchased a Wyze Outdoor camera starter kit that the base station. I discovered the hard way, they are dog dog resistant - fortunately, it was unplugged. Thank you!

Currently the base station is only available in the Starter Bundle

What a nice doggie :blush::wolf:

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The base station is still good - just need the power supply. Any chance you might know the specs on that?

I just looked at the plug on mine it states input 100-240 volts. Output 12 volt = 1000 mA

Great, Thank you!

Can someone tell me what the plug diameter is please

As I’ve just bought a 5,5 mm (Extérieur/External), 2,1 mm ( Intérieur/internal . and the plug is too big

I think I need a plug that’s Extérieur/External 4,0mm / Intérieur/internal 1,7mm
But before I reorder another I’d like to be sure


You should look for something like this with various size connectors included.


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Thanks, I found one :+1::kissing_heart:

What did you use. I lost my power supply.

I use an old Phone charger that I have, and original chargers with USA to French adapters. As I live in France

Why is all of ur items sold out ? Why are u guys not stocking up? Why can’t we get replacement cords and forced to buy kits we dont need all for a power cord etc? U guys come up with excuses non stop instead of answers or resolutions as to why cams fail and do the horrible things they do etc. In thr last 4 yrs ive been dealing with wyze and i gave up in 2020 when i realized the cams can be stolen no problem and once they were disconnected u cant see any of the recordings at all once the cam is disconnected! And nothing wireless and now days we need wireless and solar to help prevent our cams from being stolen and drilling holes in our walls etc . I thought id try again last week with wyze but yet u guys have only added a few cams and features but have not move forward with technology on wireless or solar etc at all. All other camera companies start with solar security cams now because thats what people want and need. Ever heard of cutting the cords like a decade ago? The old school old people dont mind cords but theres not many of those these days so why dont yall move forward and why are all ur items sold out and yall nit restocking? No one buys them that often or fast so how ur out im confused lol are yall going out of business or stopping the cameras since whoever designs them cant figure out how to make them actually work correctly? What? Whats thr problem? Stop making excuses and tell ur followers the truth!
Ur losing business by not having products people actually need to make their stuff work and not having the outdoor cams people want or need except the big bulky battery one without the technology people want . Who wants to pay that price for a camera that doesn’t help any homeowner with security help etc. Sry to put yall out like this but the customers that are satisfied with the products u have live in decent areas and dont need up to date camera tech but u have way more in bad areas that would buy if yall would catch up to todays security cam tech!!!

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Ur link didnt go to anything

It can if they wpuld actually get items back in stock ! But seems like once things are sold out they leave it like they dont plan to move forward with cameras

Works for me I just opened both of them.

I had the same problem and Wyze has no idea when it will be back in stock. I purchased this one from Amazon. The plug is the same size, the voltage is the same etc.
I have it and I can tell you it does work.
Accessory USA AC Converter Adapter DC 12V 1A Power Supply Charger US 4.0mm x 1.7mm 1000mA PSU
Cost is $9.90

I’ve told Tech Support the same thing many times. I just want parts, I don’t need to replace the whole thing. They just don’t get it. They’d rather have tons of electronic waste and make a few extra bucks. Except when people go to other brands because they’re sick of this, Then Wyze doesn’t get money for the parts or the whole bundle.

I also checked out the specs of the power supply and went online to find a replacement. Works fine.

They don’t have the parts, or so they claim. I strongly believe that’s a serious shortfall on their part; one that will cost them money and customers in the long run.