Wyze Camera in IR night mode captures an event every 5 minutes

My black Wyze Camera in IR night mode captures an event every 5 minutes throughout the night. The motion detected is a white line ghost image very near the left field of view. I have looked and attempted to clear anything in the spot but I never find anything. This type of event capture does not occur during daylight hours. Is there a setting that might be causing this event capture, or is my camera defective?

Can we see one of the event clips? It might help us figure out what it is


Is the camera indoors or outside? The IR lights could be reflecting off small insects like tiny gnats and moths. It’s very common to see white streaks of light with IR lights turned on when insects are flying by the camera. I’ve seen this many times with my cams.


Like others have said, it could be a spider web, but since you can’t find anything I bet it’s a flying insect or moving dust particle. With the slower exposures during night, bugs look like a moving line (almost like flying barbed wire).

Can you post a photo or video? Like others have mentioned also…

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The picture I am attaching is the same in all IR night video captures. The white line/bar appears to move both left and right very slightly in every video. I have seen many bugs and rain drops cause a IR night video capture. These are very different than those. Also the camera is outside but fully protected from the Sun and rain at the top inside corner

of a 2 foot overhang of the 2nd floor of my house.


I bet it’s a very close spider web being illuminated by the IR lights. The focal length of these camera starts very close to the lens, and with that line being out of focus, I bet it’s inches or closer to the camera front.


I agree with @Omgitstony. It’s most likely a spider web blowing back and forth by the slightest breeze. I have experienced this with my outdoor cameras. I use a broom to reach up and gently clean off the web.

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This is from the Facebook core group. Looks identical to yours…

i just set up a WyseCam v2 outside (it is covered) so my wife can figure out what is eating her plants. It started to rain and now I am seeing streaks of light which are continuously tripping the motion sensing. I suspect the IR light is reflecting off the rain. Any good way. to fix this? Perhaps a separate IR illuminator?

not really. and snow does the same thing. I fear this is going t be one downside to the increased sensitivity of the V3

Like @bam said, that is a downside to pixel based detection. I agree with you, a seperate ir or other light source away from the camera but illuminating your subject space will cut down alot of the reflection and hopefully the snow and rain “motion alerts”.

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I found last winter that even having a an IR illuminator sperate from the cameras didn’t help much. And I stress much. but I did find a small trick. one thing was considerably noticeable in my experience. as we all know. Ghosts…I mean orbs ( dust) are extremely small but are well illuminated by the camera and it’s IR and being so close make them look huge in the frame and thus are picked up very well by the cameras, even the V2.

with a separate IR illuminator illuminating things that are farther away from the camera you still see them, BUT the things that are close and through the illusion of optics, look larger to the camera if they were to be illuminated ( if you were to use the cameras IR) are no longer picked up barely at all.

so if you do use a separate illuminator, you have to fine tune the sensitivity down just a bit depending on your situation, but you can cut down on some of the false alerts. it’s just finding the right sensitivity settings for your situation and sometimes using the new IR at a different angle will help for things like snow but that will have some effect on other things in the recording as well. in the end ( and using cam plus) I figured I would take all of the false alerts and now just filter by people or animal if I need. back when I first started having this issue, we didn’t have that convivence for filtering as you know lol